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New forum userguide (Guidelines)

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Forum Structure
League information:
There is a new section added within the forum where we will display static information such as Series Registered Members, Paint Rules, Racing Rules, etc.

Series: This will be all series forums where you’ll find race threads, team selection, stewarding, etc.

How to manage notifications (push and email)
Not compatible on iOS: We would encourage you to make your frustrations known in public by applying virtual tar and feathers to Apple employees online until they relent and get their act together... or at least voice your support for these standards by continuing to reach out to @webkit on Twitter or the webkit-help mailing list. Officially, the best place to communicate with Apple is via their product feedback channels, and presumably they won't be able to continue to ignore a deluge of feature

Under your profile preferences, you can activate/deactivate push and email notifications.


How to install the app (only for Chrome and Android)
PC: On the top right of your Chrome window, at the far right of the address bar, click on the + button to install the app.


Mobile: Click on the burger button on top left of PRL forum. At the bottom, click on Install the app


Required update on your profile
With this new forum, we will completely change the way you sign up for series. No more Google Form! Everything is built-in to the forum with only a few clicks! Once signups will be open, you’ll need to upgrade your account to register to a new series! More information will come soon. However, there are some required fields under your profile that are mandatory to update. To update them, click on your profile and select “Required to upgrade”


Tag members with @
Probably the most wanted feature! You can now tag your teammate or a member of the community, or even a staff member using @! Try it out!


Customization/background picker
You can customize some visual aspect of the forum such as the header or the width!



Feedback form
Like or dislike the new forum!? Please share your feedback with the management team by filling up this form.

Feedback form link will be added shortly.


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