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Need some good Toyota forum...


Well-known member
Oct 11, 2017
Slavonski Brod
So this post does not have anything to do with PRL or with sim racing. If it breaks the rules, please delete it.

Ok so, friend and I have toyota from 91' (Carina II), and have a lot of questions about it, basicly how to, and what can I do if questions. If anybody knows some good toyota forum please let me know. I am from Europe, but American forums will help too.

 Thanks for helping me in advance!  :)
I think Jaymes O'Brien is a car mechanic and maybe he could help! I've ask him to have a look here :)

@Darklol, do you know website?
Honestly I cant find anything! I would suggest maybe this... Its all I can find. They dont make that car in my country so I dont know very much about it,