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Steven Durbin
May 30, 2019
Houston, Texas
iRacing ID
I apologize for not finishing S4 out, but work just got in the way. I know it is up to the registered driver, but I do not like not finishing something that I signed up for. Fall is my busiest time due to school and the fact that I still work with University of Houston football and we hold practice every Sunday night during race time this year. I will be able to do S1 2021 though, but also expecting our first child in February. I really enjoy this group and these races and wanted to make sure you guys know I am not quitting the league if I don't make it to the race in time, just life doing it's thing. I also think we fixed my lingering connection issues but haven't been able to test it yet on Iracing. Apparently we had a bad modem and should be fixed now. Thank you guys for running a quality and fun racing league and I look forward to more races in the future.

- Steven P. Durbin -
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