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Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!


Premium Member
Chris Perez
Feb 4, 2017
USA, Kansas, Topeka
iRacing ID
Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday break. Travel safely if that is something you are doing during this time period.

After some discussion, Eddie, Brandon and I have all come to an agreement to help some of you guys out. It isn't much, but its something. We've decided to reduce everyone's incident total by 4 points. It might not be enough to keep you from hitting the season limit, but it also could be. See you all in 2 weeks.

Shaun Timmerman

New member
Dec 11, 2017
Dubuque Ia
Well Id like to wish you the same. But unfurtchetly if you havent heard i broke my leg in 3 places had surgery right away. Now have a metal rod in my tibia and also 3 screws. It sucks but what do you do. I still need to have surgery on my ACL. This is what i sent to the league officals hours after it happened...

 [font=Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, sans-serif]Hey there guys. I have terrible news. I have to stop iracing for several months. Today (friday December 15) i was on a ATV and i fliped it. I broke my left leg in 3 places. Thankfully it could be have been a alot worse. I was in the middle of no where when it happened. I had no phone service. Usually only 1 car drives down that road ever hour. It was scary i thought i was gonna have to army crawl about .4 thenths of a mile back to my friends house in 20 degree weather. Luckly some one drove by and saw me. I want to thank everyone for allowing me to join the league mid season.  Ill be off of work for 5-6 months thats how bad it is. Hopefully ill be able join a up coming season if you let me in. Ill keep you guys posted on my condition. I will be watching the broadcast every race. Thanks Shaun.[/font]