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Make iRacing work for you!


Matthew Gunderson
Feb 10, 2017
Warman, SK. Canada
iRacing ID
Upon Jeromes request, I a re-posting this here for everyone to see, slightly edited for a bit more clarity and to be more universal.  

So this year I have learned a little bit more about iRacing itself, and found a few tips that make it a bit more enjoyable for myself.  I usually end up doing most of my practice alone due to my busy schedule, but this stuff has made it much more enjoyable and productive to do so.  Some of you may already know these things, but some might not so here goes!


I used to never run with the ghost car on, as it was mostly an annoyance.  Turns out you can "offset" your ghost car, so when you cross the line, it pops up farther down the road ahead of you.  I set it to 1 second ahead, so I am constantly "chasing" down my best lap.  Oval guys, it would likely suit you better to have a .3 to .5 second offset, you might have to fiddle with it a bit.  Here is how to do it!

-go do Documents, open iRacing folder
-open the app.ini file
-scroll down about 3/4 the way to the [SplitsDeltas] section
-here there will be a line ghostCarOffsetSec=0.000000  if you want a 1 sec offset, change the number value to 1.0, half second 0.5, etc
-save and done!  Your ghost car will now "start" 1 second (or a value of your choosing) ahead of you instead of always being "inside" you (gross)


This one is a bit more involved, but a really cool "feature".  Turns out you can race against any of your friends ghosts in a test session as well!  If a person shares their "blap" or "olap" files (blap is best lap, olap is optimal lap), then you can race them.  If even just a few people did preliminary laps and shared the files (and maybe a setup) in each race topic, I am sure people could benefit from it.  Or, just share amongst your team if you wish. Here is how to do it!

-download the lap files you wish to use.  Make sure you download them to the appropriate track (Documents->iRacing->lapfiles->(track here))  You may want to add a name or some other identifier to the filename so you can easily pick them out later.
-open the sim, and select your track to test on.
-in the sim, before you jump in the car, click on the options tab in the top right.
-choose the "options" tab again from the bottom of the menu
-there will be a section called "split time delta".  In that section will be the "comparison" line, with a red "LOAD" button beside it.
- click LOAD, and now you can pick from any lap files you have downloaded.
- you can easily switch ghosts while staying in the sim by just exiting the car and following these steps again.

*note the paint scheme may still show up as your own, but the ghost and lap time will definitely change.

Done!  You are now trying to chase down a friend in testing!  Keep in mind if you use VRS you can get some blap and olap files from there as well.  I find this helps to see what lines guy take in corners, turn in points, etc etc.

If anyone has anything to add, feel free!  

Happy Racing!

*EDIT*  Cleared up the "changing ghost" section to a much much easier and user friendly way of doing it.  Credit to TRG (thanks bud) for pointing the method out!


Simon Avital
Nov 5, 2018
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
iRacing ID
Great tip, Gunner.

Another super handy one I like is to set it so that tires/fuel is all off at beginning of race. I hate having to turn off tires every race, and like setting the fuel manually. Mileage may vary based on personal preference!

Open App.ini and change following setting from 1 (default) to 0.

autoResetPitBox=0 Automatically request full pit service once your vehicle exits pit road (0 is off)

Hope this helps!