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Looking for a team


Marcus Miller
Feb 8, 2021
Crown Point, Indiana
iRacing ID
My name is Marcus Miller. I am new to this league. Please do not be fooled by my lower iRating, which makes me look fairly unskilled! I quit iRacing for a while, and at a point when I was still developing basic oval skills. I am now quite comfortable and competitive on ovals, having finished my last 2 Xfinity races 2nd and 3rd (Indy oval). The race I finished 2nd I started on the pole and led the most laps. After several cautions I could no longer hold people off and was finally overtaken. I am working on improving my road racing skills, so have not been competing in as many oval races as I could I am an OK road racer, but I have room for improvement, (which is why although I also signed on to the Indy Pro 2000 league, I will not be seeking a team). On ovals however, I feel I am quite competitive. I would have signed up for the Cup Series, as I am comfortable in the "A" cars as well. However, I am a golfer and play in a league on Sundays, and otherwise tend to watch Sunday sports on TV. In the NASCAR TRUCKS, if I am not involved in an accident, you more often than not will see me trying to pass you at some given point during the race. I don't dive bomb (anyone can over-drive a corner, it's the people that are over-aggressive as a habit that ruin it for others), and prefer to wait until the time is right to push the issue with another driver. I think clean racing is a whole lot more fun, especially when you have 2 equal cars. Going two-wide into a corner with someone you know you can trust is a blast! I feel if the car doesn't have it, I would rather finish 6th than wreck trying for 5th. I will as a rule give way to someone trying to overtake me, particularly when I can see the time gap shrinking on the RELATIVE black box. But, if the car DOES have it, and the time is appropriate, I will race tooth and nail. But as I said, I think clean racing is not only more fun to participate in, but even more fun to watch. What is more exciting to watch on TV, a clean last lap pass for the win (or a clean attempt that just falls short), or the second place car wrecking the 1rst place car and handing the win over to the third place car? My vote goes to the former.
I am using the VRS setups. I have basic knowledge of how to build a setup, but I find the VRS setups work just fine. Max Verstappen once said that you adapt your driving according to what the car wants (paraphrasing). The people that spend the time building these setups are not just considering pace, but handling and tire wear over the course of a stint. So I just run with VRS setups.
Well...that's me all over. Thanks for reading the whole sales pitch!
Marcus Miller