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Load Cell Pedal Help


Well-known member
Apr 5, 2017
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
I recently upgraded my pedals from the Thrustmaster TX (very basic), to the Fanatec CSL Elite load cell pedals. I don't have a rig (yet), and just have them attached to the floor (we're ripping it up soon anyway :) ).
So far, I am doing alright and I think that I'm getting the hang of them, but before I get too used to them, I wanted to get some help with setting them up.
1. When I calibrate them within iRacing, should I be setting the 100% range at the actual end of the travel, or just where I can manage to depress the pedal to?
2. The braking force slider in the game says that it should be set to 0 for load cell pedals, I've done that and I'm assuming this is correct?
3. The Fanatec driver software has a slider for strength (or whatever they call it). It came set at 60 out of the box, but at that setting, I can't even get the car to come to a stop, so I've put it down to 30. Could this just be that I'm not used to having to work that hard? Does it matter what this is set at to get the most out of the pedal?

Thanks for any input.