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Jerome Berthiaume
Jan 25, 2017
Nicolet, QC, Canada
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Hey guys!

First thing I want to say is thank you! Thanks to all of you have have signed up, we have a very big grid and it looks promising this season.

Second, as I said above, we have a big grid and we expect close racing. Please, be respectful on track, and foremost, read the PRL Racing Rules again! Since I'm at PRL, I've managed more than 50 championships and there is one thing I can assure you, and it's not a fun thing, but there will be incidents in almost EACH race due to this large field. If you are the kind of guy who turned upset quickly when incidents happen, or if you are the kind to quit the series because you have had ONE bad race, then I'll ask you to not even show for the first race. That kind of drivers are NOT welcome anymore here. From a management side, it's very demoralizing to start a season with 25 drivers and end it with only 10. Believe me, it's more fun to start with 15 drivers and end with 15. It creates a good community and you will become more close than only a group of guy who are racing each other every week. As I said, there will have incidents and it's part of racing. Even in real life, have you ever seen a race with 25 cars without incidents? As a flag marshal in real life, I've seen a LOT of races and I never saw a race without incidents. It's part of racing, it's frustrating, but if it happens, take a deep breath, analyze the replay and move on to the next race. If you think it's needed, we have also a stewards topic in which there is a form to submit a protest to the stewards.

Again, I'll repeat, there will have incidents! And if you manage to get a race without incidents, then you are just incredible!
Remember also that YOU CAN'T WIN THE RACE ON THE FIRST LAP! I would say that 85% of the overtake I made was only by putting pressure on the car in front and I took advantage of that. Don't be too aggressive, it's worthless, believe me. It's only a game after all! Also, if you are following someone in the draft, you'll get more speed and YOU WILL NEED TO BRAKE EARLIER, you cannot brake at the same point than usual if you are following someone. If you attempt to overtake or being overtake, leave enough places to each other please. Split the track in two, and keep left if you are in left side or right if you are on the right side. Listen your spotter!

Another important point, NO TALKING on TS during qualifying and race. It is also MANDATORY to be on TS. If you are not on Teamspeak, you'll face penalties.

We have setup a lot of practice sessions for you. If you are practicing, this is recommanded to be on Teamspeak. If you are all on TS during practice, you can share about setups and racing tips. We are here to have fun and improve! There is no price at the end of the championship, so please be genereous and share your setups. As a reminder, we are hosting a free 2 hours' practice on Monday at 8pm EST, and the official league session start at 6pm EST on Tuesday with a 3 hours' practice session.

Last point, and the most important, is respect. You can discuss about incidents in the race topics, but do it diplomatically. It is something we are closely following on the forum. First disrespectful comment and you'll get a warning. At the second one, you'll be banned. As I said at the beginning of this wall of text, if you are that kind of rage guy, don't even show up, we don't want you here! And the same rules are in effect on Teamspeak as well. No arguing on TS otherwise you may be banned.

With that being said! Thanks again guys! Have fun and don't kill yourself on track!!