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Important Announcement


Active member
Jul 17, 2018
Cincinnati, Ohio
Unfortunately, the Monday Night Dirt Sprint Car series is ending due to lack of participation. Driver count has been slowly dropping since last season and last Monday night we only had four drivers show up for the race at Knoxville. Last week was the final race for the series. I believe that Jerome and John are looking into what will fill the Monday night slot in the future and the stadium trucks that will be releasing soon are what will likely replace the Sprint Cars. If you are interested in participating in that please pay attention to the PRL website for a future announcement about the Monday night series. Jerome should be sending out an email soon to let everyone know and what the direction of Monday night will look like. I would like to personally thank everyone who over the past four seasons raced in the league and made my Monday nights and iRacing some of the best times I have had in online gaming.
Jeff Steward