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Immediate Oval Series Changes

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Chris Perez
Feb 4, 2017
USA, Kansas, Topeka
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Well guys, we gave a chance and things didn't work out like I thought they would. So we are making some changes that will go into effect immediately. Eddie, Brandon, and me have been talking about this all week off and on. Late last night, we finally nailed down a plan. So here goes for the changes.

Changes Going Forward:
1.) Removal of the "Max Incident Limit". Doesn't mean go all out and wreck everyone.
2.) In place of a "Single Race Max Incident Limit", we will now be using a new point system. All Drivers will start the next race with 0 Incident points. The "Maximum Incidents" a driver is allowed to incur during the season is now 25 Incident points. Once that limit is hit, the offending driver(s) "Will Be Parked" for 1 race. It doesn't matter if you cause the caution, or are an innocent victim. After serving their 1 Race Suspension, the returning driver will be placed on a 2 race probationary period. If the suspension doesn't correct the drivers habits, I will remove the driver(s) from the series. If any driver scores an 0 Incident point race, they will receive a 5 point deduction from their seasons incident limit total. So if you have 7 incidents in 1 race, and 0 in the next. You will go into the 3rd race with 2 incident points on your record.
3.) All racers will now "Start" where they qualify. You are no longer allowed to qualify, and then pull to the side on pit road. So you can fall to the back. You want to start in the back, Don't Qualify. Only Exception to the rule is if any driver fails to register with the correct car # or car make. But you will be informed to not qualify.
4.) On all "Starts and Restarts", there will be "No Passing" before the "Start/Finish Line". And "No 3-4 Wide" going into turn 1. Once you have reached the back stretch, have at it. But smartly please.
5.) During the race, if any driver has 2-Self Spins, Race Director(s) will ask them nicely to park their car. If they fail to do so, Race Directors will remove them from the session.
6.) Blinking Cars. All blinking cars will be informed by the Race Director(s) that their internet connection isn't stable at that time. The driver experiencing the problem will be asked to move out of the way and fall to the back of the pack that they are currently in. Within a reasonable amount of time, and safely. If the problem still persists, Race Director(s) will ask the driver to disconnect, and restart their equipment to see if the problem is corrected.

Race Director(s) Duties:
1.) Issue EOL's for anyone that registers with the wrong car # or car make.
2.) Clear Penalties/Black Flags for drivers who pass any car(s) under Yellow, "That Cannot Make It" to pit road. If you know you car cannot make it back, pull "OFF" the racing surface, and tow.
3.) Clear any Penalties/Black Flags for any driver(s) that use or clip pit road, while trying to avoid a wreck on the front stretch.
4.) Throw and/or extend Caution Laps on short tracks if needed.
5.) Monitor "ALL" racers internet connection, giver driver(s) heads up about an upcoming wreck.

These changes will do 1 of 2 things. We will all learn to respect each other on the track. Or you will hit your incident limit, and be suspended. Race Director(s) will no longer be involved throughout the race, unless it is an extreme situation. All drivers are to still listen to any orders and/or directions given to them from the Race Director(s). Driver(s) should no longer seek out the Race Director(s), during the race. We will now discuss everything after the race, between us 3 and you guys. In Real-World racing, drivers either talk out the incidents between each other, or they just don't give the problem person much room on the track. When they probably need it the most. Driver(s) don't go to Race Director(s), etc complaining about the problem driver(s).
And speaking of problem driver(s). Instead of complaining, and whining about them. How about chat with them? Open up a communication dialog and talk about what you expect, and what they expect during a race. Not everyone likes to be raced hard until the end of the race. Some, like me, do though. I don't really care about how you race me, as long as you are respectful, and give room.
We will be having a Pre-Race Meeting as normal, but to go over the new policy. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Brandon Massey, Eddie Hawks, or myself. Please Do Not contact Jerome, as us 3 are going to be handling everything in this series for now on.

Thank you for your time,
Chris Perez


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Feb 5, 2017
We added in a new rule for the season maximum incident level of 25.

[li]Drivers can choose to miss a week and remove up to 5 points from their limit.[/li]
[li]You can never go below 0 incidents for the season.[/li]
[li]If you are at 4 points and miss the race or get 0 incidents, you go to 0 and not -1.[/li]
[li]You or another driver must let a member of management know to get this benefit.(Just not showing up will earn nothing.)[/li]
Hopefully this will further encourage attendance or excused absences. This will also give drivers some choice as to the future of their incident totals. 
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