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HQ Circuit of the Americas: Round 9 Pictures and Highlights


NASCAR Truck Series 2022/S3
Nicholas Hunter2
May 16, 2019
iRacing ID
Hey @NASCAR Cup Series 2021/S2 drivers!
I started a thread similar to this in the truck league if you're not familiar of what's going on. Usually for these shots, I try to get the highlights the best I can (with help from GSRC broadcasts and my own experiences) but I figured I could make this a community thing. If anyone has any special requests they would like captured, let me know! Give me your car number, what lap/turn, and what you would like specifically captured: wreck avoidance, side by side action, a sick pass - you get the idea!

Event Summary: I know I'm missing a few extra shots of battles and things like that, but these photos weren't taken to call out certain repeating drivers earning off tracks and more so please don't take any offense. I used the incident lap log in order to find these shots and did my best to capture each moment as epic as possible! Enjoy.

Part one (17/35):

I'm sharing these via discord as a image host. It's a tedious process of uploading, copying the link, and posting it here until I can find a better host to share these - so I hope anyone featured enjoys the hard work and the process to provide these photos free of charge. Hopefully using ImgBB as a image host is a viable option for those who would like to view and download these shots! Darklol feel free to crop as needed.