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How to do pit-stops properly?


Jun 24, 2017
Germany, Niedersachsen
I set up the Assetto Corsa pit-stop strategy to change my tyres and refill 10 laps of fuel but once drove into the box in the race the strategy was gone and i had to stop and set it all up so I lost way too much time :(
How are you setting up the pit-stops?


Well-known member
Feb 5, 2017
UK, Lancashire, Oldham
I set it using the set ups, I normally do it when im in practice, I have my quali set up loaded, add fuel that i need in car and in the pitstop and change tires to what i need on the pitstop, (On the far right of the set up) and then save it under another name (Race) then reload my quali and do  the practice and quali, then when i come to the race its simply a matter of loading the race set up....Never had a problem with it, you just have to make sure it is saved cause if its not it will not load it when a new session starts and that is where you are probably going wrong.