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GSRC Broadcast & In-Car Cameras Information


NASCAR Truck Series 2022/S2
Nicholas Hunter2
May 16, 2019
iRacing ID

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  • Broadcast Links
    • All prior broadcasts are listed within GSRC's curated playlists found on YouTube.
    • Future events are listed as upcoming live streams for easy sharing and viewing!

  • Discord Server and Channels
    • - Please accept this invite along with 2500+ users.
    • Change your nickname on this server to your iRacing name and optional racing number. See this guide if you need assistance changing your server nickname:
    • If you are unfamiliar with their server, there are additional categories such as: announcements, general chat, memes, camera support and most importantly - the LIVE interview booth! Absolutely crucial for any post-race podium winners, hard chargers, even those who are dealt with bad luck are able to share their experience within the booth!

  • Interviews
    • Join the "Ready For Interview" voice channel and wait patiently. If you are selected and brought into the booth, remember you are representing the Precision Racing League at all times.
      • Remain professional, courteous and respectful to your fellow drivers who participate in the series or event.
      • Think before you speak. Remember that what is said will be streamed live and recorded for future playbacks.
        • Consider this as a final warning: Name calling, profanity, ill-tempers or threats are prohibited and will earn yourself a lifetime ban from the league.
      • Headsets with built-in microphones
        • Refrain from "eating the mic." Preferably, try to place the mic a fist-length (3 inches) away from your nose and mouth so the audio remains clear, coherent and free from distortion.
      • * Optional/recommended: Utilize Discord's push to talk feature! Useful in keeping any background/environmental noises restricted. In other words, no one really wants to hear phones, music players, TVs or fans being louder than the commentators.

  • In-Car Cameras
    GSRC would like to put your lovely face on-screen for every event. Sending your webcam feed actually increases your chances of them aiming cameras at your car during the event! You may also find the same information here on the front page of our forum.

  • If you are a driver participating in the race, please send GRSC your feed!
    • A link in the #all-cams section at least 30 minutes prior to the race will be posted without needing any additional programs to install!
    • Currently, you will be able to connect your webcam when prompted via the posted VOD.Ninja link.
      • Do not connect your mic! If you are interviewed, you will still continue to use Discord voice communications during the broadcast from within the "LIVE BOOTH" area mentioned above.
    • Try to make the director's life much easier by connecting early and allowing them enough time to enter your feed into their broadcast setup.
    • If there is too much action where you were not included or if there is something is considered wrong with your feed, they may not feature you. Rest assured they will do their best to showcase everyone who connects.

  • Can I still connect without a webcam?
    • This might sound silly, but yes, you actually can! You can connect with your phone if it has a camera. Please be sure it is placed and recording in landscape mode and that your phone remains on so that it will not time-out and cut the feed. It might be wise to also plug your phone in so it doesn't run out of power.

  • Can I still do my own stream while I'm sending you my feed?
    • From their experience, Yes! You should be able to send your feed and still stream on your end. However, be sure your internet is able to handle that much upload data.
    • Do not forward a virtual camera. Try to refrain from using a Picture-in-picture scene, additional overlays and elements. It will only clutter your feed when featured in a 600 x 600 corner of the screen and you will not be included on air.

  • General advice
    • Think about your environment. Consider what you would want to appear on stream and/or TV and how it will look behind you. It is important that you remain well-lit by using proper lighting.
    • You can be creative with your camera placement and even give them multiple cameras if you'd like!
    • If you use your phone, make sure your feed is being sent in landscape format and not portrait mode. GSRC will not be able to display vertical feeds and will not correct them, forfeiting yourself from being featured.
    • If you use a virtual reality headset, please do not let it stop you from participating - GSRC wants VR drivers, too!

I will leave this thread open if there are any remaining questions or concerns.