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Future of the Nascar Heat League


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Charles Sumner
Feb 5, 2017
USA, Florida, Tampa
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As posted in PSN chat yesterday, we are going to see a few changes happen come April after the current season ends.
Our Cup Series will be moving back to Friday nights again now that PC2 Indy is no long competing. Like back in Season 2, these will be 50% races. We will stay with the auto caution and flag system as we have now, and more than likely will incorporate in stage breaks, though the amount of bonus points handed out will be in heavy discussion. Due to the longer races and performances that we have had the past 2 seasons, we might look at increasing the roster size, but nothing too drastic since we still want to keep our races clean and caution free.

Now, what about Wednesday's since attendance has been solid the past 2 seasons? Easy answer.... TRUCKS!!!! After this season is completed, we will kick off our first full Truck season on Wednesday nights. Since they are shorter races as well, we might do 50% in that league as well since the 40-50 min mark seems about right for a weeknight race. The way we run our current league will carry over to the trucks.

Feel free to use this thread as an open discussions. Feel free to voice your likes and dislikes in a proper manor and lets have a good chat to maximize both leagues in 6 weeks time.