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Future of the League

Better night to race on, Wednesday or Friday?

  • Wednesday

    Votes: 5 71.4%
  • Friday

    Votes: 2 28.6%

  • Total voters


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NASCAR Cup Series 2022/S1
Ferrari Challenge Fixed 2022/S1
NASCAR Truck Series 2022/S1
Charles Sumner
Feb 5, 2017
USA, Florida, Tampa
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Hey guys. This past season showed us that while we have a strong core even with losing some long time veterans, running 2 leagues is just not an option for us at this time. So for this final season stretch before Heat 3 comes out, we are going to just run the Cup League. The Cup will go back down to 25% races, and we will remove the Stage brakes, so the races will be handled like we did back in Season 4. So what I need to know from you all is what night do you think is best for the League to thrive? The fact of the matter is that we are going to have to do a lot of recruiting to get the 16 car lobby full as I will be stepping down as a full time driver as well. If you have any other topics you'd like to address, please bring it up here and let's talk about it. I want to make sure that this League is in as good of a place as possible going into Heat 3.