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Friday Night Trucks! (Mini-Series)


Staff member
Feb 1, 2017
USA, Arizona, Sun City
Full Name
Aaron Webb
iRacing ID
Hey guys! Since we have Fridays opened up for the next month or so, I thought we could have some fun.
I'm going to do a mini series, 8 races 2 per night, on Friday nights using the truck series. Schedule will be announced later, but we will pick some fun racing tracks. Most likely will be 25% distance with Stages, but will be determined soon.
First race will be next Friday March 2nd at 9pm EST. (This series will only happen if the Indy Season 2 does not get enough interest to go forward.)

If you want to sign up please post Your PSN ID and what Truck you want to drive. 
Here is the truck list
No teams, but I will track points on the side. This will not be an official PRL series.

Settings: (Subject to change)
We will have a 4% quali race before the first race of the season. Every other race will have the starting order set in reverse order of season points.
Each race will be 25% distance with x4 wear. Flags and Stages will be on. No custom setups and no Assist.
Chat will be handled like other Nascar leagues, using the PSN party system. You will be required to be in a chat to race.

March 2nd - Daytona & Martinsville

March 9th -  Kansas & Iowa

March 16th -  Gateway & Kentucky

March 23rd -  Talladega & Phoenix

Driver List:
[li]AaronWebb85 (PSN ID: AaronWebb85) - #51 Louisiana Hot Sauce Toyota[/li]
[li]Hootius (PSN ID: Hootius) - #99 Custom Chevrolet[/li]
[li]Meattyloaf (PSN ID: Meattyloaf) - #28 Custom Chevrolet[/li]
[li]vWardude (PSN ID: vWardude) - #36 Custom Toyota[/li]
[li]Brianmosser88 (PSN ID: Brianmosser88) - #27 Safelite Toyota[/li]
[li]Sean420cali (PSN ID: Sean420cali) - #4 JBL Toyota[/li]
[li]SETX_90 (PSN ID: SETX_90) - #32 AM Technical Solutions Toyota[/li]
[li]XSYSE (PSN ID: XSYSE) - #18 Switch. Mobile Strike Toyota[/li]
[li]Nickcm12 (PSN ID: Nickcm12) - #24 FOE Chevrolet[/li]
[li]habob69 (PSN ID: habob69) - #16 SeaWatch International Toyota[/li]
[li]Zeke_h30 (PSN ID: Zeke_h30) - #88 Ideal Doors/Menards Chevrolet[/li]
[li]bengreedy (PSN ID: bigeasy252) - #44 SMD Chevrolet[/li]
[li]Nascarfan48 (PSN ID: Austintaylor4824) - #52 Halmar International Chevrolet[/li]
[li]gordow3497 (PSN ID: gordow3497) - #46 Pedigree Dog Food Toyota[/li]
[li]KDawgHonda777 (PSN ID: KDawgHonda777) - #45 Niece Motorsports Chevrolet[/li]


Premium Member
Feb 8, 2017
USA, Illinois
Full Name
Adam Zemke
iRacing ID
2 races a night, you guys gonna calculate point totals between the 2 races(in the intermission), or is the starting positions gonna be the same for both races on that particular night?