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Fantasy Race Predictor


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Aaron Webb
Feb 1, 2017
USA, Arizona, Sun City
iRacing ID
This season we will start a fantasy game for OUR races!
It will work similar to other F1 fantasy games out there, but will be for our drivers. THIS WILL BE FOR DIVISION 1 ONLY 

How it will work:

Each week, you will submit your answers to questions on a google form that I have created.
The questions will be:
[li]Who will finish 1st?[/li]
[li]Who will finish 2nd?[/li]
[li]Who will finish 3rd?[/li]
[li]Who will take the pole?[/li]
[li]Who will have fastest lap?[/li]
[li]Who will gain the most positions in the race?[/li]
The questions will have points values assigned to them. 
[li]25 points for choosing winner correctly[/li]
[li]18 points for choosing 2nd correctly [/li]
[li]15 points for choosing 3rd correctly[/li]
[li]10 points for getting any podium finisher right but not in right position. (10 points each)[/li]
[li]20 points for choosing pole winner correctly[/li]
[li]10 points for choosing fastest lap correctly[/li]
[li]10 points for choosing most positions gained correctly[/li]

We will track the points for each entrant and have a winner at the end of the season. There will be a prize for the winner (Prize TBD)

Each week you can use this Google form to give your predictions. 
You will need to put your email address in for the information to be saved and you will receive a receipt for your selection.


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Charles Sumner
Feb 5, 2017
USA, Florida, Tampa
iRacing ID
Hopefully peeps will see that lovely red tag staring at them due to me typing this lol

Join in on the fun guys. We all love competition and bragging rights, so here is a playful little side championship for us fantasy sports lovers. Nobody will get hurt feeling if you don't pick them, hell, it might even encourage some others to be even more dedicated lol