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European Project Cars 2 PS4 League Interest


Staff member
Jan 25, 2017
Nicolet, QC, Canada
Full Name
Jerome Berthiaume
iRacing ID
If you are interested to join an European Project Cars 2 PS4 series reply here. As soon as the game will be more stable and that we will have enough interested drivers, we will start a championship.

Spread the words!


Well-known member
Mar 4, 2017
This is hard and strange to type but here goes, after hosting F1 races in previous seasons I saw my anxiety got the best of me because I just wanted everyone to have fun and enjoy races and if Game crashes or multiple disconnections to the lobby happened I'd panic and it spoilt the races for me. I like hosting if there's another organiser to help like when I've helpped Macca.

But having said all that I really want to help get this going and one for Gran Turismo so I'll do what I can, I'm trying to recruit when I can and feel down because know PRL is best website place to race on.

Maybe we follow the World Endurance Championship where we can know not all tracks are on PC2, and maybe 1 hour long races that are set so like that series, so for 24hr of green hell it would be time set to times 23-speed don't think there's a 24 speed with 2 different random weather effects.


New member
Apr 10, 2018
Austin, TX (USA)
I have been looking all over for a Formula (Renault 3.5 or A) league - this doesn't look to have gotten too much momentum though.

Anyone out there interested in this kind of thing, now that we're (mostly) patched up?