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Drivers Meeting


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Feb 5, 2017
Hey everyone, I am putting together a to-do list of what you need to do BEFORE joining the session next Wednesday. Also be aware that with 20 minutes remaining in practice we will hold a drivers meeting on Teamspeak to go over the rules and how this series will function. At that time I will also take any questions or concerns that you have. 

To-do list:

[li]Check you set the car number you signed up with to be your number in iRacing. We will give you 2 weeks before we starting issuing penalties for this since this is a new series. If you are not sure how to do this, ask me in Teamspeak or PM me on these forums.[/li]
[li]Before the race begins to grid, you will need to be on Teamspeak, there will be no leniency for this rule. You don't have to talk but you MUST be able to hear other drivers / management. We will have special rooms if you want to race in a quiet, no talk, environment. [/li]
[li]Have your Teamspeak "nickname" correctly set. In the Oval Series the format is this. (Brandon Massey #11 OR #11 Brandon Massey.) Again, we will be lenient on this the first 2 weeks.[/li]

Once again be sure you are in the session in time for the meeting. If you miss it, be sure to seek me out before / after the race and I will fill you in.