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  • 2021 Season 2 Signups are open !

    GT3 Sportscar Series is now full but we still have room in the Tuesday LMP2/GTE Sportscar Series for our sportscar enthusiasts.

    For our NASCAR Drivers, we have a few more spots in the Sunday Cup Series and the Wednesday Truck Series.

    Our open wheel Indy Pro 2000 series also has a few spots left for Season 2.

Division 1 &2 Qualification

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Instead of a preseason race on Thursday September 7th we will do the Qualification session. 

AaronWebb85 & NickDahy & ForzaAlonso14 will be hosting rooms and tracking quali times. You will need to be in one of their rooms to qualify.

We will do a short quali at Singapore, Silverstone and Monza. We will add up all drivers qualifying times from those 3 tracks and use the cumulative total to determine which division you will be competing in.

Any driver that scored 50 or more points in season 8 will be locked into Division 1 for season 9.

Division 1 Qualifiers:

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