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Discussion:Competition And The New Penalty Matrix

jeffrey redman

New member
Sep 17, 2017
First and foremost i would like to personally thank Johnny over at Sim-tech Racing for the invitation and oppurtunity to race in PRL. My impressions were good, then the green flag was dropped. I am not nor will i ever mock what the prl admin has done or future changes to run the series the way they think it should be run. My thoughts were if it werent for cautions how many of these drivers would still be able to maintain competitive lap times over half a fuel run? The race is 130 laps not 25, this isnt the carb or pick-up cup. Iracing;s idea of the ''fixed'' series was based on a fixed race was usually a fuel or tire run in an open series and that if without a caution a driver could learn how to drive the track and manage tire wear,and once that was learned it would help in the transition into the open series. Iprefer the open series racing because it is reality, the drivers looking for grip on long runs, teams making adjustments aand pit strageties to get the car faster and where they want it to be...the first one crossing the finish line. Very seldom will i run an open series race without hours of practice and team member as a spotter and crew chief. i must have total concentration on my goal to wheel the car and drive it to victory lane. Text chat, pit-stop adjustments and such takes away from that goal and  usually ends in me makiin an error or mistake that i cant afford to have if i want to be competitive. i think its the ''chew bubble gum and pat ur head syndrome'' me personally,i cant do it. i communicate to my crew chief what the car is doing over a run and he then makes the changes needed to get the car handling the way i want it.In the after race briefing at kansas alot of good points were made and concerns addressed about penalties and incidents and how they would be treated. i believe that penalties should be given no matter who is at fault and that safer driving should be rewarded. race directors should follow the guidlines they lay out and enforce them with an iron in reality...Nascar hhas the final say guidlines will be followed or you willl not race in the series..PERIOD it is up to PRL to design a system that ultimately over time will make the series better and more enjoyable for everyone. if the driving is over aggressive and you cant complete over 10-20 laps without a caution,then why even have an open series. anyone can hotlap but would you be there after 30? or 50? Incidnts do happen,but on a professional level should be at a minimum. Also learning open sets is not something that comes easy. it takes time. a more open approach should be takin by all drivers to help each other out wth sharing and learning set-ups. Johnny P. has offered his time and is willing to work ''together'' wth drivers to learn set-up building. More drivers should follow his lead to help one another become better drivers to make this league a great place to race.learn and have fun. ill share my set with anyone..but i will not just give a hand-out. effort  has to be put forth to put in the time to learn the set-ups and commit to the ass in seat time. Any information i have i will passs on to anyone who asks. it is very difficult to beleive that anyone+ who is good at iracing sets and is a wheel man got there without some kind of help from someone they were racin wth on the site. Doing this only makes better racin for everyone. i will be practicing all weeek wth johnny and sim-tech getting ready for vegas. you cant expect to be good and competitive at anything if your not willing to train and learn and put forth the effort it takes to increase your knowledge and understand what needs t be done to become better at what your trying achieve. a huge percentage of what happens on track is due not having the knowledge to avoid what does happen. im better than no man, but if we can work together to better our selves then that definitly is takin astep in the right direction in makin not just te sim abetter place...but the world also. we are all here for one reason and and one common goal. to have fun and share together what we all have a passion for......RACING