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Dialing in Ferrair 488


Sep 30, 2017
USA, Virginia, Chesapeake
The last few days I have been  working on dialing in the 488 and I am at a point now where I have the car sticking to the track nicely. I have been working this using the Road America track since I know this track well and am able to anticipate turns ect. One thing bothering me is I cannot seem to set a time faster than 2:17 and even sometimes do laps of 2:18. My best time I ever got was 2:16.881. I see online there is someone who is setting 2:08.582 which can be seen here As far as handeling turns goes I am slowing down and tracking out good while keeping the car on track but maybe im still not taking these turns fast enough or maybe my setup is not good enough to handle going as fast as I need to go when handeling turns. Any suggestions how I could knock my time down a bit more? Brings me to my last question... for your league... do people have a specific setup for each track or do they just aim for a decent all around setup and use that for the season?

Thanks in advance, 


Well-known member
Feb 13, 2017
united states,florida,wildwood
there is one sure way to shave time off a lap ....going into a turn brake later and make it work far as the league we practice during the week and work on setups for the upcoming track! its good to have 1 or 2 base setups that you can then tweak for every track as they come up on the schedule!


Premium Member
Formula 4 Series 2022/S3
David Cristelli
Nov 15, 2017
USA, CT, Enfield
iRacing ID
Setup can definitely make some big differences, especially on a track like Road America with long straights. On a track like that, using low downforce and closing up ducts will help get those extra miles per hour. Play with camber settings too. making the front wheels sit flatter will give you more grip to brake with. Just don't go too far or you'll sacrifice too much cornering grip. Also play with gearing. Try to set it up so that you're almost topping out 6th on the longest straight.

As far as driving goes, make sure you are using as much of the track as possible. Entering a corner just a few more inches outside can mean carrying more speed through the corner, and exiting faster. When you exit a corner just 1 or 2 MPH faster you carry that speed all the way down those long straights, so it makes a big difference when it's all added up.

Check out Driver61 on youtube. It's run by Scott Mansell, a pro driver and coach. They have tons of great tutorials, and he provides some excellent insight. Even if the topic is something you think you know, watch it anyway. There might be some piece of fundamentals that you never thought about, or that you'll look at differently.

I hope I've been some help. Good luck!