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DCS Flight Night for those interested

PRL-Sammy H

Premium Member
Jan 29, 2017
Whidbey Island, WA
Gents, as the short off-season kicks in I will be doing a DCS Flight Night this coming Friday and Saturday for those interested. Just like last off-season I will host the MP Server and we can get airborne for some fun.  Practice up this week on your key commands / Flight Stick setup but most importantly be sure to update DCS to the most current version.  Since the last time we all got together to fly there has been quite a few updates done to the system.  Friday night will most likely be a "brush up on skills" night, then perhaps Saturday we will have some fun blowing stuff up while being shot at :).  If all goes well Friday night we will most likely blow some stuff up then also depending on how much trouble people are having and how long it takes folks to get airborne.

Anyway, hope to see some of you there, will meet up on TS around 8.