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D3, an opinion piece.


Well-known member
Sep 18, 2017
Norwich UK
Right this may be controversial to a degree but I thought it would be cool to analyse the ‘trap door’ into D3.  Now many people I have seen acknowledge it is a possibility that they may end up dropping into the 3[sup]rd[/sup] tier but some have a sense that they are almost immune to the conversation.
Now first off, D3 I think will be absolutely brilliant as a division and will enable people who may have struggled to gain consistent points in the new D2, to compete for podiums vs people of similar pace.
With this said let us do some analysis:
There are roughly 10 unknown quantities joining the league, we know people like Odemz are quick but the other 10 I cannot really say how quick they will be. There will be plenty of assumptions at this point on their pace but I think we can assume perhaps 3 or 4 will be in D1, 3 or 4 in d2 and 2/3 in D3.  If we base this on 54 entrants and a breakdown of 20 in D1, 18 in D2 and 16 in D3 ( This is conjecture but I wouldn’t say the breakdown will be far off this)
Where does it leave you?
Well in short, if 3 new people plus Ibbo, Lfc, Bellon, Emperor, Jamez and Aaron fall into d3 (as an example) that leaves 7 spaces in D3 for people who had pretty good results in last years d2 (Podiums, solid points results, lots of 4ths!)….. V5, Newalugi, Tigaby, Army and RJDW are unlikely to have regressed enough for them to be in danger of going into D3.
So 7 of the regular crowd in d2 will be in D3!
Only 3 of us out of the below will be in d2! What a different world!
·        Robert
·        Stevo
·        Danny
·        Carcanon
·        Dave
·        Cloudy
·        MCR
·        Energetics
·        Macca
·        Gaz.

What does this mean?

It means do not lose heart if you are in D3, you will be racing much the same people you battled last year! Just for more points and more on the line!
Our league absolutely knocks D1 AOR assists out the park and their standard will in all likelihood fall below our D2 for this season!
This is a really competitive league and being quick in D3 will not be a given, enjoy the challenge.


Apr 2, 2018
Division 3 will be a banger!
Competitive for the whole league. I do expect an close field from first till last place.