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Broadcast Paint Rules

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Recently iRacing sent to GSRC a handbook of their standards and practices on the iRacing Esports Network. While all GSRC series are welcome to apply to be on IESN, there are some new rules and expectations laid out in the handbook that we wanted everyone to be aware of before moving forward as it may affect your paints and potentially your branding. This will not effect any series being broadcast on GSRC's youtube channel and only those being aired on IESN.

The new rules on custom paint schemes reads:

Custom Paint Requirements
  • All races should utilize the iRacing Custom Paint Policy. In essence, this means that drivers should not utilize commercial logos on their cars unless they are:
    • Readily available on the iRacing Paint Shop
    • Granted permission, in writing from the company in question
  • Cars should also maintain their own manufacturer logos. For example, it is not acceptable for a driver to replace a Chevrolet logo with a Ford logo.
  • By broadcasting a league on the iESN, GSRC are confirming that league organizers and competitors have legally gained permission to use trademarked/copyrighted materials through custom paints and logos and have acknowledged it appropriately in broadcasts.
  • In consideration of this, it may be more appropriate for a League Administrator to collect and check car paints rather than relying on Trading Paints, as therefore they can ensure compliance with these policies.
  • Where there is a likelihood that there are trademarks / copyrights that may be infringed, a copy of any and all permissions should be provided in writing at the point of league / event submission to the iESN.
  • Failure to comply with this places the iESN in jeopardy of legal action from other entities. iRacing reserves the right to:
    • Remove offending content from the iESN where a valid copyright / trademark infringement is made.
    • Prevent future broadcasts of a series / broadcaster to take place on the iESN.
    • Provide details of broadcasters to parties involved in upholding copyrights / trademarks of their products / brands.

The new rules on branding reads:​

Broadcast Logo Requirements
  • Series Logos may not have a ‘likeness’ to any official, real world series, either currently running / having previously run.
  • For iRacing sanctioned NASCAR series, a broadcaster may use the logo found on the iRacing / NASCAR website, however may not alter this logo or series name in anyway. For example, the NASCAR iRacing Series should not be referred to as the NASCAR iRacing Series presented by X.
  • For any other series using any of iRacing’s NASCAR content, the IP of NASCAR including Logos & Assets shall not be used in any name or title of a private league or series. This includes the use of the word NASCAR, similar NASCAR series logo stylizations, or parts of the NASCAR Logo. Instead, the phrase ‘Stock Car’ or similar should be used, and logos should be uniquely designed.

The short version of these two is that paints and logos cannot contain copyrighted material without expressed permission from the copyright holder. The series logo should not currently be an issue for any of our series, but it is something to keep in mind for future branding. However, since many of our series have drivers who use paints based on real companies and branding, we wanted you all to be aware.
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