Precision Racing League

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Broadcast Information

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Precision Racing League races are broadcasted by RaceSpot TV!


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Upload your paint on near the season start.
  • RaceSpot is not using Trading Paints to display paints on the broadcast. It is the responsibility of every drivers to upload their paint on
  • Drivers are still encourage to upload their paints on Trading Paints and use it while racing. That way, you'll see all other cars paints and not the paints from the iRacing UI.
  • If you don't upload your paint on, the default iRacing car paint or the one you designed in the iRacing UI will be the one displayed.
  • Each PRL series will have its own section on where you can upload your paint. These sections will be created a few days before the season start.
  • At any point during the season, you can upload your paint on
Here is a quick tutorial video:

Broadcast Links

  • Post-race interviews are held on the PRL Discord server.
  • Click here to join PRL Discord.
  • We suggest you enter your iRacing name as nickname so they can recognize you easily.
  • Join the "Waiting For Interview" channel.

In-Car Cameras
RaceSpot would like to put your lovely face on-screen for every event. Sending your webcam feed actually increases your chances of them aiming cameras at your car during the event!
If you need assistance with Zoom Client, click here to see a quick how-to procedure.

  • RaceSpot is using Zoom Client for in-car cameras.
  • Click here to download Zoom Client for desktop, and/or search for Zoom Cloud Meetings on the Play Store or App Store if you want to use your mobile.
  • The meeting id is 328 213 9818
  • The passcode is: racecar

  • Can I still connect without a webcam?
    • This might sound silly, but yes, you actually can! You can connect with your phone if it has a camera. Please be sure it is placed and recording in landscape mode and that your phone remains on so that it will not time-out and cut the feed. It might be wise to also plug your phone in so it doesn't run out of power.
  • General advice
    • Think about your environment. Consider what you would want to appear on stream and/or TV and how it will look behind you. It is important that you remain well-lit by using proper lighting.
    • You can be creative with your camera placement and even give them multiple cameras if you'd like!
    • If you use a virtual reality headset, please do not let it stop you from participating - RaceSpot wants VR drivers, too!

Driver headshots for broadcast
  • RaceSpot has a nice feature called driver headshot! If you want you face displayed alongside your name during the broadcast, you simply need to upload a picture of you in their Driver Headshots Dropbox!

Written approval for logos
  • RaceSpot does not require any written approval for logo usages. However, they made available a Dropbox folder you can use to upload a written approval if needed.
  • All paint must comply to the iRacing Paint Policy.
  • RaceSpot reserve the right to delete any paints using inappropriate/explicit contents or any paints that does not comply to the iRacing Paint Policy.
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