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Staff member
Formula 3 Series 2022/S2
Tyler Gore
Feb 11, 2017
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
iRacing ID

The urge to write a novel here is overwhelming. However, we are all busy so I will spare us all some time and keep this as short as I can.

Some of the events that occurred in Round 1 are regrettable. However, allowing Diego Garrido back into PRL was not one of them. I have heard from a few drivers voicing displeasure that Diego was allowed to participate in this season. Some of you chose to do so privately (well done), and some publicly on the forums. We have a system in place to handle these types of events, as well as a disciplinary process to follow that is well defined. I urge you all to use it. Calling out other drivers, criticizing the management in a non-constructive manner is going to accomplish nothing. This will always be the case, no matter what. Use the systems, and if you have feedback or need to vent about someone, keep it off of the forums. 

Now, regarding the Diego Garrido situation and why he was allowed back into a PRL series. As you will see in the stewards report, his actions coupled with his history and previous suspension have landed him with a permanent lifetime ban. We saw no improvement in his on track performance as it relates to safety and regard for other drivers on track, so he has been removed. Should this have happened sooner as some would argue? No. He was penalized according to the system we had in place at the time. We have rules in place for a reason and we will follow them. Since then, we have applied our experiences and made changes to our penalty system. It was obvious that the point penalties we were handing out had no tangible effect on some drivers. I do believe we will see a reduction of the kind of driving we saw tonight, and in past seasons.

Finally, I want to reiterate to everyone that we must resist the urge to hit that push-to-talk button mid race. Some of the comms I heard on the incident replays I viewed were disappointing. You know who you are, so consider this your free pass. The next time I hear it, I will be issuing a penalty. Remember - things like "Dany, take the inside" are perfectly acceptable on iRacing voice chat, things like "Dany you're an asshole" is not acceptable.

Sorry for the novel, it happens.

I ask that you vote yes to show that you have read this and understand its contents. If you have comments or questions, feel free to reply below, PM me, hit me up on Discord, anything.