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2022 Yearly Oval Playoff Format


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NASCAR Truck Series 2022/S4
Charles Sumner
Feb 5, 2017
USA, Florida, Tampa
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2022 Seasons 1 thru 3 will be used to set the 16 driver field for the 10 Race Playoff that will be held in 2022 Season 4.

Playoff Structure:
During the 10 race schedule of S4, we will adopt the 3/3/3/1 Knockout structure used in the actual Nascar Cup Series. There will be drivers eliminated after each 3-race segment, until we are left with 4 drivers going heads up against one another in the Season Finale. Due to the structure of this event and the length of the segments, there will be no drop weeks calculated at all in the Playoffs, so attendance will be key!

Playoff Size:
The Playoff will follow the Standard real life Cup Playoff, starting off with 16 drivers, reduced to 12 starting in Round 4, reduced to 8 starting in Round 7, and the Final 4 battling it out at the Season Final for the title of Playoff Champion!

How to Qualify:
  • During S1, S2 and S3, a driver must first participate in 20 of the 30 scheduled races during that time frame. No matter what other qualifications you have, not meeting the 20 race requirement will void your automatic entry.
  • All Season Champions will move forward into the Playoff.
  • Race winners during S1, S2, and S3 will move forward into the Playoff.
  • If there are Playoff spots available after 30 races, those spots will be filled by accumulated points over the 30 race period (all races will be counted, no individual season Drop Weeks will calculate into the yearly total). Drivers who meet the attendance policy will be given a spot over a driver who doesn't, regardless of wins or points.
  • If we have more Champions and race winners than we have Playoff spots, Champions will hold rank over the race winners. Multiple race winners will hold rank over solo race winners. The remaining race winners will then be ranked based on the total points scored during the first 30 races.
Bonus Points for the Playoffs:
Due to not having Stages to award Playoff Bonus Points like NASCAR has, each race will award Playoff Bonus Points in the following structure:
  • 6 points for Winning a race
  • 3 points for finishing 2nd thru 5th
  • 1 point for finishing 6th thru 10th
  • 15 bonus Playoff Points will be awarded to the highest race points scorer from S1 thru S3 (similar to the NASCAR "regular" season champion)
These bonus points carry over to the start of each Playoff Segment and Playoff Points are still accumulated during the Playoffs itself.
These bonus points are for Playoffs only and do not have anything to do with the in-race bonus point systems we have during the individual 10-race Seasons.

Before the start of Season 4, there will be .png templates provided to all playoff drivers that include a windshield banner, playoff logos, and blue spoiler and car trim so the Playoff drivers can be more visible on our race broadcasts.