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2021 S4 By the Numbers!


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Charles Sumner
Feb 5, 2017
USA, Florida, Tampa
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Sunday Cup 2021 S4 By the Numbers

Hey Crew, time to jump into the stupid-big spreadsheet, and let’s have a fun and informative look back to what was 2021 S4!

First and foremost, let’s start with us as a collective group:
  • We had all 42 driver roster spots signed up for the season!!!!... but 2 drivers must have been high and forgot they signed up, with another 4 not making it past 2 races.
  • S4 was the best Season of the Year, with an average of 29.9 drivers per race. R1 (Bristol) and R3 (Dega) peaked at 35 per race, with a “spoopy” night at Martinsville as the dip with only 24 in attendance (to be fair, it was Halloween).
  • Special shoutouts to Acosta, Besaw, Cowgill, Dinkle, Gandy, Hilton, Holly, Hudson, Long, O’Brien, Romero, Rondoletto, and Witt for making every single race!!!!!!
  • In addition, Sumner, Zemke, Pennington, Kaelin, Harvey, Guedel, Johnson, Hutcheson, Payne, Cervantes, Knopf, Stout, Walter, Simmons, Walden and Medina all made at least 7 of 10 races!
  • That gives Sunday 29 rostered drivers that will get their names in the prize drawing pool (up 6 from S3)!!!!! I want to thank those for their dedication to the league and the best of luck in the drawings!!!

Let’s move on to our Championships:
  • After the S3 drama with the Drivers Championship, Octavio Rondoletto fired back and took the Championship with a little room to spare (9pts), as he denied Jaymes O’Brien of his 3rd title of 2021. This was Octavio’s first Championship with the PRL! Brad Holly came home 3rd, with Trent Dinkle and Matthew Long only being separated by 1 point in the battle of 4th.
  • As for the Teams, Team HYPE completed the 2021 Sweep with their S4 Teams Championship. After the S3 nail biter, this one was convincing as they bested Whataback Black and SGE Apex by 57pts and 62pts respectively. This was Team Hype’s 6th straight Sunday League Team Championship. O’Brien and Acosta shared the podium 3 times during the Season, and the team combined for 14 Top 5s (only team in double digits) as the team’s consistency over a very diverse season paid off.
  • The 2021 Playoff came down to the wire… and was determined by only 1.9 secs as Matthew Long took the checkered flag in the finale at Chicago, besting Dinkle and O’Brien as they all shared the podium. Long’s journey to the Playoff Championship was that of consistency and determination, as he joined in S2 and had perfect attendance to just qualify into the playoffs based off of that stat, and picked the perfect time to claim his 5th victory of 2021 which crowned him the Playoff Champ!

Season 3 Qualifying Stats:
  • We had 6 different Pole Winners in the 10 races of S4. Rondoletto led the way with (3) Poles on the Season, with Long and Stout taking a pair of Poles each. O’Brien and Acosta each snagged the top spot once, with James Duerr claiming his first PRL career Pole at Talladega.
  • Rondoletto’s (3) Poles contributed to his best-in-field average qualifying starting position of 3.6. Rondoletto qualified 12th at Vegas (which was the best in the league as well when it came to worst qualifying performance), and that was the only time all season that he qualified outside of the Top 5.
  • Acosta, Conquer, Dinkel, Long, O’Brien, Payne and Stout were the only other drivers to average better than a 10.0 on the Season.
  • Of the 32 drivers who participated in at least 5 of 10 races, 23 drivers started in the Top 10 at least once during the Season. On the flip side, only 3 drivers managed to qualify in the Top 20 of every race they participated in (Holly, Rondoletto and Stout).

Season 3 Race Stats:
  • We had 6 different Race Winners in the 10 races of S4. Acosta, Dinkle, Long and Rondoletto all picked up a pair of wins, with O’Brien and Besaw taking (1) each.
  • While Holly might have only finished 3rd in the Standings, he led the League with the best average finish (5.8) as the only driver to finish in the Top 10 in every race.
  • Rondoletto, O’Brien, Dinkel and Long were the only other drivers to have an average finish better than 10.0 on the Season.
  • The Championship contenders Rondoletto and O’Brien led the field with (8) Top 5 finishes in Season 4. Acosta, Conquer, Cowgill, Dinkel, Holly and Long were the only other drivers to have multiple Top 5 finishes. 6 other drivers were able to bring home (1) Top 5 finish. That gave us 14 different Top 5 finishers out of the 40 drivers who started a race this season (35%).
  • Behind Holly’s perfect 10 for 10 Top 10 results, O’Brien, Rondoletto, and Dinkel tied for 2nd with (8) Top 10s on the Season. 16 other drivers snagged multiple Top 10 finishes during the Season, with an additional 8 drivers picking up a single Top 10 finish during the Season. That gives us 28 of the 40 drivers who picked up a Top 10 finish (70%).

Now if our Pit Parties show us anything as a league, we are all Ball Busters and Schadenfreude Connoisseurs. So let’s have a little fun (and pain) and look at the timeout corner of Season 4!
  • Including Last Lap wrecks that get reviewed as if they were cautions, we had 39 cautions this season. While there were plenty of netcode incidents and racing deals, we still had to hand out 28 caution points this season, which was a jump up from S3.
  • That 39 cautions across 9 races (excluding the Roval) was an average of 4.3 cautions per race. I think we can all agree that is not acceptable to our standards. We are gonna have even closer pack racing with the Next Gen, so as a group we need to do the right thing, not be afraid to give as much as take, and let the green flag runs dictate the order. This is why we are here! To avoid the crap we see in Officials.
  • Of the 22 drivers who received a Stewards ruling, 6 drivers received more than 1 caution point and 2 of those received a suspension. Let’s get that magical number down to 0 please!!!!
  • Now, let’s talk about incident points. Now this really can’t be held 100% on the drivers since it’s way too easy to get caught up in other’s messes (and we had plenty of them this Season), so let’s see who the lucky, and unluckiest drivers are:
    • The first fun stat is somehow throughout the entirety of Season 4, not once did we have a driver hit the 24X DSQ limit. The closest we got was Cowgill and Hilton flirting with the limit, as they had 20X each at the opening race at Bristol. In both of their cases, neither were charged in any cautions and just collected damage in other’s incidents.
    • Carlos Romero held the stat of the most Incident Points of the Season with 92 and an average of 9.2X per race. Unfortunately for Carlos, that goes along with his league leading 4.5 Caution Points as well. I am not calling Carlos out publicly as an embarrassment factor persay, but hoping stats getting thrown out like this is an eye opener for the whole league and everyone will strive to keep their names off of this part of the post in the future.
    • Of the 29 drivers who competed in 7+ races, The “Right Place at the Right Time” Award goes to Jamie Knopf and Jose Medina. Both drivers only collect 17X’s throughout the Season, but Jamie will get the tiebreaker in having a better average as he competed in 8 races, compared to Jose’s 7. Both drivers ended the Season pretty clean, with Jose not getting a single incident point in the final 4 races, while Jamie picked up just 1X in the final 4 races.
    • Even though he collected 20X’s at Bristol to start the Season, Patrick Cowgill avoided trouble after that and led the league with (8) incident free races out of the 10 in S4!
    • 35 of the 40 drivers had at least 1 clean race in the Season.
    • Of the 29 drivers who attended 7 of the 10 races this Season, only 9 drivers were able to escape averaging less than 4Xs per race.
    • Just how bad was S4 compared to S3 from a Caution/Incident standpoint? Well, The League collected 1,396Xs over the course of the Season (up from 862X in S3). The Cleanest race we had this Season was Martinsville (which I know sounds surprising, but it was also the lowest attended race with 24 drivers), where the entire field only amassed only 32X. On the flipside, the Season opener at Bristol had 320X. Only 4 races combined for under 100X’s (Kansas, Martinsville, Phoenix and Homestead).

And there we go boys. I hope seeing some of the incident and caution stats increasing from S3 to S4 can be an eye opener for the entire league. Moving on to the Next Gen, the racing is going to be closer in packs until they can get that car dialed in. So come prepared, come focused, and let's kick 2022 off with some great racing.

C.M. Pennington

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Charles M. Pennington
Jun 4, 2021
Pocatello ID.
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Well done Charles....Thank you for the time and effort it took to put this together. Great job.