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2021/S3 Series Signups are up for returning drivers!


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Jerome Berthiaume
Jan 25, 2017
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Hi everyone! @Indy Pro 2000 Series 2021/S2

2021/S3 series signups are now up!! As you will notice, we made A LOT of changes for 2021/S3!

First, you will notice we splitted our series into two categories; Pro and Amateur. As announced a few weeks ealier, we are moving into a structure where we will have 2 series running per night! We are starting with Road and will apply same format for Ovals in the future. By doing so, we managed to split Amateur and Pro drivers in two different sessions. Also note, that both Amateur and Pro series will share the same broadcast! To make it possible, we needed to slighty change the qualifying start time of these series. Amateur series qualifying will start at 8:30pm EDT and qualifying for Pro series will be at 9:30pm EDT.

Pro and Amateur series will not be running the same cars. For road, we will support GT4, GT3, GTE, Formula Renault 3.5, and Dallara F3. Here is a summary of our series:
  • NASCAR Cup Series / Sunday
  • GT4 Amateur Series / Monday (maximum 2500 iRating)
  • GT3 Pro Series / Monday (minimum 2200 iRating)
  • GT3 Amateur Series / Tuesday (maximum 2500 iRating)
  • GTE Pro Series / Tuesday (minimum 2200 iRating)
  • NASCAR Truck Series / Wednesday
  • Formula 3 Amateur Series / Thursday (maximum 2500 iRating)
  • Formula 3.5 Pro Series / Thursday (minimum 2200 iRating)
Returning 2021/S2 drivers who completed at least 5 races don't have to met the iRating criteria however, management will review all the registrations of all drivers below 2200 iRating in the Pro series.

Why have we changed the structure? For multiple reasons! First, we wanted to split Amateur and Pro drivers to provide a better racing experience to the community. Second factor is that we needed to expand! Season after season we needed to refund and close the door to some drivers because we were limited on seats. By doubling our program, we will allow more people to join! Another important point of our expansion initiative was that we wanted to bring something new and unique to the community. Why not trying to reproduce a real life racing experience? When you go to race weekend (grand prix or a race at your local track) there's always some support series before the main event. That's exactly what we are trying to reproduce with this new structure. We know we can't please everyone, but we are sure this decision is for the best for the PRL community.

With the addition of 3 new series in our offering, we had to review our operational expenses and as a result, we have decided to increase signups fees. Why? Because everything cost more and more (broadcast, website, forum, tools, etc...). Starting next season, signups price will be $20 USD per series. However, we have created a coupon code for our Premium members!! So if you are a Premium member, which we stronly suggest, you get a 25% discount meaning the signups fees will be $15 USD for Premium members. In addition to that, we are working a lot since a few weeks to get new sponsors that will provide products/services that we will give back to the community every season.

Coupon code: PREMIUM
**Note that if you pay entry fee at $20 as a non-premium and later get premium membership, we won't send you $5 refund**

Good news for our members!! Starting next season, we will be drawing prizes provided by our generous sponsors! Before we present the prizes, here are the eligibility criterias and rules:

- Must be a premium members
- Must have attended 7 races out of 10 in 2021/S3
- The below prize list is for all 8 series we support

Based on the above, here's the available draw prizes:
  • RaceLab Apps will be giving 20x 3-month Pro licenses (value of $280 USD)
  • The ButtKicker will be giving a ButtKicker Gamer2 kit (value of 180$ USD)
  • PRL will be giving 10x 2021/S4 free entries (value of $200 USD)
Please support our sponsors by adding their logo on your car paint!!

We hope to see you all next season!!
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