Discord is the software PRL members are free to usewe use for voice communication during races, and is mandatory for everyone. If you are not connected to the Discord server, you shall get a penalty.

Discord can be downloaded here: https://discordapp.com/

Once installed, go through your user settings at the bottom and make sure you select Push-To-Talk in the Voice & Video settings. You can map your Push-To-Talk button to anything including a button on your steering wheel. Please don’t map it to a button that you will be using regularly for something else such as typing as everyone will else will hear a click every time you use that button while typing something.

Click here to get the invite link and join the server

With Discord, there is no Whisper functionality. If you want to talk privately with your teammate, you must find your own way to communicate.

If you are running your game with "Run as administrator" feature of Windows, you must also run Discord with that feature otherwise your push to talk will not work.

Once connected, ensure you join the appropriate channel for your game. There are also 5 practice channels you may use at any time.

Discord specific rules
  • Games channels (IRACING, F1 20XX) must be use only for official PRL races. Organizers have all right to kick you out if you are not racing in their championship races.
  • If you want to hangout or practice with PRL members, you must use practice channels or your own team channel.
  • PRL Discord server must be use for racing purpose only. You can't invite your friend to play other games. You can invite your friends that are not racing at PRL to talk racing if you want though!
  • Why there is no text channels? We have disabled text channels because we want the PRL community to use the forum instead. Also, by disabling text channels, we remove moderation duties to PRL staff.
  • PRL official site rules apply to Discord.