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Precision Racing League rely on member donations to stay alive. All donations are very important to us and can make a big difference as we always try to provide the best sim racing experience to all our members.

Here are our current monthly expenses that we have to keep the league running:

Web Hosting: $8 USD
Teamspeak: $10.49 USD
European Assetto Corsa Dedicated Server: $7.49 USD
iRacing Hosting Session: $50-60 USD
iRacing Broadcasting: $120-160 USD

Please remember that PRL Management Staff Members work on a volunteer basis and spends countless hours to get the league, championships and web site running. We all work for the same and unique goal of improving the league experience for all our members. All donations go towards that same and unique goal by bringing new ideas, new championships, new web site content and new league services. In addition of our monthly expenses, we need those donations to improve the league services we are providing to all PRL members and this is why we have set a goal of $200 USD per month for donations. The counter at the bottom of the page will be reset every month.

Any member who makes a donation of $25 USD or more will be awarded a lifetime Premium Membership. All donations made toward the Rewards Store are not taken into account.

If you wish to donate, please click the Donate button below. A huge thank you from Precision Racing League!
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