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What is a Premium membership?

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What is a Premium Membership? What are you gaining by upgrading to a Premium Account?

The Premium Membership is a simple donation to PRL, but with benefits. Donations are used to pay our web hosting, forum, upgrade, dedicated server, private IP, broadcast and a lot more! If you upgrade to a premium account, you will:
  • Get a priority seat when signing up for a championship!
  • Get a discount on series signups (25%) | Coupon code: PREMIUM
  • Get an exclusive entry to a seasonal draw where you can win one of our sponsor products!* (courtesy of our sponsors)
* Eligible Premium members must meet the conditions set under the seasonal draw section.

We will add some features as and as we develop the website. All suggestions are welcome within the feedback form. Everything is subject to change

How can I get a premium membership? What's the cost?

To get a premium membership, you must upgrade your account for $25 USD yearly. You simply need to click on your profile on the top of the forum, and click on "Account Upgrade". Under "Available upgrades", click on "Purchase" beside Premium membership. You will then be redirected to Paypal.

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