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General messages will be sent out in this newsletter.
You are receiving this because you have been added to the stewards panel. From now on Troy Uyan is the Chief Steward. He will post all stewards enquiries received and conclude them. He will decide which 5 stewards will investigate from the panel of stewards. Stewards will not be allowed access to the previous incidents thread, but may ask Troy for details of previous incidents(i.e. what penalties have been awarded for a particular type of incident in the past). Troy's decisions will be final and backed by the admin team fully, as long as the correct procedure has been followed. No other stewards are allowed to post in a stewarding thread unless they have been named as a steward in the OP of the thread. Troy will choose the 5 stewards with the least connection to the incident (e.g. not in the same league, no history of bad blood between them and somebody involved etc.). Note that this is not always 100% possible, but most of the team stewarding a post will at least fit this criteria. Upon concluding the thread Troy will post the outcome in the Championship's Stewards Thread within 24 hours and then move the complete topic to the Completed Investigations sub-forum asap. The aim is to get each thread sewn up within 48 hours so please check this forum daily if you can see it! Many Thanks for your hard Work guys. The Admin Team