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Want to be a PRL Steward?

I am looking for one or two additional members to join our stewarding team.
  • The following skills are required:
  • Well versed in PRL’s racing rules
  • No previous race bans or disqualifications (penalties are okay)
  • No previous site bans or warnings for violations of site rules
  • Good analytical skills and the ability to write a comprehensive analysis as related to PRL’s racing rules
  • High availability in order to quickly respond to investigations
  • A willingness to state your opinion, and not just agree with other stewards
  • A willingness to have (sometimes) lengthy debates in order to reach a decision
Preference is given to candidates who also meet the following additional requirements:
  • Experienced in different racing disciplines including any of:  Touring Cars, Formula 1, Oval Racing, Rally
  • Own an iRacing account
  • High degree of availability on Google Hangouts or Steam, or quick to respond to emails
PRL Stewards will always remain anonymous.

If you are interested, but do not meet some of the above criteria, please still contact me, as I can train candidates to some degree.

For anyone interested, please contact me via Private Topic.