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The Oph5pr1n6 Organizer of the Quarter Award 2015 Q1:  astroturf

Danielle Tomisich, aka astroturf, has been awarded the 2015 Q1 Organizer of the Quarter Award!

Dani has been a PRL member since November 2013, and has done a great job organizing the Pacific PS3 Championship (PPSC) for the past two seasons.

I’ve been known to half-jokingly say that Dani has the toughest job on PRL, as those Pacific drivers can be quite “passionate” about their racing which leads to quite a few heated moments to manage! :)

The F1 2014 PPSC season wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, and Dani has indicated she won’t be organizing next season, but hopefully she’ll be back some day!  Let’s see if her successor can replicate her success :)

Congratulations Dani, and a massive thank you from PRL management!


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