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Next Season of F1 201x

With the conclusion of our current F1 2014 seasons on the horizon, I wanted to let everyone know what PRL are thinking with regard to our next seasons.

The initial plan was that we would always have only one season with F1 2014 because we were promised an "early season release" for F1 2015, meaning their wouldn't be enough time for two F1 2014 seasons.

Some speculated that F1 2015 might be released in conjunction with the start of the 2015 season.  Not only is that obviously not the case, but the game hasn't even been officially announced yet.  However, Codemasters Community Managers have stated the announcement would be "end of the month", "next week", and "soon".  Unfortunately, those equate to February, last week, and….. "soon", and yes, still no announcement.  That said, we do anticipate the announcement will be any day now!

To get to the point, we still don't anticipate another full season with F1 2014, though we will wait until we have a release date to make a final decision.

In the event we don't have another full season, we are not planning to create any alternative/short official championships.  We do, however, encourage drivers to continue showing up at regular race times for some fun social races, maybe with a different format, shorter race distances, etc.  Several drivers have already created threads proposing some ideas for fun races after the seasons conclude.

We'll provide further updates once we have an F1 2015 release date.