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More Great Forum Changes!

In a further effort to improve the organization of the forums, we have made a few additional changes.

Each game forum now has a Championship Archive sub-forum, and all Completed PRL Championships have been moved to their respective Championship Archive forums.  This puts an end to the massive and ever growing list of sub forums that appeared under Completed PRL Championships on the main forum page.  That forum has now been removed.

We have also removed the League Ideas forum.  All League Ideas should now be proposed under their respective game forums.  With less forums to visit, and as everyone uses a specific game forum as a starting point, we feel this will increase visibility for new championship ideas.

We had a few posts about other racing games or non-racing games for which we didn’t have a dedicated forum, and those now live under Other Games.

As always, we welcome new championships on PRL, and will fully support them if there is enough initial interest!

We hope you like the changes! :)