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More F1 2015 News & Screenshots!

Round two of F1 2015 news was probably more valuable than the first, with lots of independent previous from individuals who had hands on experience with the game at a recent Bandai Namco event in Las Vegas. áReports are almost entirely positive, though there hasn’t yet been much information about what PRL really care about; the online experience. áHopefully that will come in the next round of news. á With a June 12th release date, we’re less than two months away from finding out if F1 2015 is indeed the evolution in the series we were hoping for!

In no particular order, here are some of the more valuable pieces of news gleaned since the press embargo was lifted:
  • Online practice sessions added
  • Multiple reports that gamepads are no longer faster than steering wheels
  • Much improved handling/physics/feedback, and Team VVV have even stated it leans toward a simulation more than an arcade racer
  • Online races are still limited to 16 human players (really? You couldn’t add 4 more cars?)
  • Full practice sessions are back in career mode
  • New manual starting procedure where it’s possible to jump start
  • Pro mode includes full practice sessions, no assists, cockpit view, and no HUD elements
  • Manor won’t be in the 2015 content at launch but will be added soon afterward as DLC
  • The damage model has been reworked and can now be set to super sensitive
  • Pit stops are still automatic
  • Bianchi will be in the 2014 content if Manor and his family approve
  • June 12th release date (moogleslam: possibly 9th or 16th in North America which traditionally has a Tuesday release?)
  • Updates throughout the year to match real world performance
  • PS4 will be 1080p and 60fps
  • Xbox ONE will be 900p and 60fps
  • Races are commentated by David Croft & Anthony Davidson (presumably, this can be turned off)
  • Improvements in AI including being faster through turn 1, and generally more competitive and unpredictable
  • Online “Hopper system” (possible bad translation), where you can search for a specific online race, and if there isn’t one, you can go do something else in the game, and be notified when there’s a match available