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F1 201x Go To Track Rule

We have made a small change to Rule 2.6 which relates to how only an Organizer can select Go To Track in F1 201x.  The change is that we have removed the penalty for violating this rule.  While we don’t like having a rule without an associated penalty, the reason for this change is that it is near impossible to coordinate having up to 15 people take and provide screenshots, particularly on consoles.  The subsequent penalties awarded as a result of not providing a screenshot impact the integrity of the league more than someone selecting Go To Track early.

Organizers will remind drivers before every race not to select Go To Track, but drivers are also encouraged to figure out tire strategies before events.  In the event that someone does select Go To Track when they shouldn’t, 30 seconds is generally considered enough time to change front wings and tire strategies (keep in mind tire strategies can also be changed at any point during the race).  However, in the event there are repeat offenses, we will investigate as needed, and take action if necessary.

Let’s hope F1 2015 resolves this annoyance.


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