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​F1 2015 News at 8pm EDT / 1am BST, and DiRT4 Confirmation?

Couple of small pieces of news today as Codemasters Community Manager, @justbiglee announced that the press embargo for F1 2015 will be lifted in 4 hours time, at the times listed in the title.  He promises previews, new screenshots, interviews, hands on impressions, and box art!  Check back tomorrow when we’ll post a roundup and our impressions of all the latest news (no, they didn’t give us our own copy to preview! :o)

Meanwhile, in news that mostly went under the radar, and thanks to the PC release of GTA V yesterday, some seem to think we have confirmation of an imminent DiRT4 announcement.  AMD’s GTA V driver release notes, in addition to the GTA V fixes, also mention DiRT4 under the sections for both Crossfire Profiles and Known Issues.  PRL will be keeping a close eye on this, as we’ve run DiRT3 championships in the past, and will certainly be doing so again once DiRT4 is released.  In fact, in a string of recent events that indicated Codemasters might be turning over a new leaf, they recently made DiRT3 available with Steamworks support, and even more surprisingly, gave away all DLC for free for previous DiRT3 owners!   In light of this, I fired up the game again, and was reminded what unimaginable amounts of fun it is! 


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