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Race Recap for an Exciting PRL Project Cars Endurance Event!

Category: Project Cars

Last Friday, we have hosted a special endurance event for the American Project Cars PS4 community. Not less than 15 GT3 Cars were running at Mazda Raceway Lagune Seca for a 2 hours race. GameOfJobes broadcasted and commented the whole race which was FANTASTIC! During the last 30 minutes of the race, there was a very clean and tight battle between Aaronwebb85 & KDawgHonda777 for the lead of the race. Watch the video on twitch!

Click here to see the video.
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PRL C7 Daytona Prototype Team Won the 12h of Sebring!

Category: iRacing

First, we would like to thanks the PRL Chevrolet Corvette C7 Daytona Prototype team; Jerome BerthiaumeDany Duschesne, Kerlan Andrew & Carsten Quint (spotter) for the good work they did at the 12h of Sebring. To bring the win of such of an important event for PRL is a big achievement and we are very proud of all the work they did together. Here is a quick summary of how the race went for the team.

Again, for this race, it was Jerome Berthiaume duty to qualify the car for the race. Since a few weeks, we have worked really hard to get the perfect setup for the team, and a special thanks to Dany Duchesne who bring us some solid built! Unfortunately, a few days before the event, iRacing made a major update on the car and we had to work on the setup again. On Thursday and Friday, Jerome and Dany worked really hard to practice and find the best setup. On Friday, at his last attempt, Jerome finally managed to do 1:53.286 which put us... Click here to read more.

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Sunday NASCAR Series - Round 9 Broadcast at Dover!

Category: iRacing

What a crazy race we had at Dover International Speedway last Sunday for the American iRacing Oval Series! If you have missed the live show, click here to see the full broadcast from DRE Broadcasting Network!

The next race is Sunday at Michigan International Speedway!

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Pro Mazda [S6] Round 1: Who can stop Dallas Pataska at Spa!?

Category: iRacing

Last Thursday was the first race of the Season 6 of the iRacing Pro Mazda Series and Dallas Pataska got the first win of the season. After winning at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in the Oval Series 2 weeks ago, Dallas did it again in a Formula car! Even if he started in 4th, he managed to do a very clean race and granted a well deserved win. Less than 8 seconds behind, Dany Duchesne finished in second after he started in P7. He had to hold back Jerome Berthiaume for the last 2 laps. Even if Jerome did the fastest lap of the race on the last lap, it was not enough to get Dany and he finished 3rd. Finishing 4th and 5th, Fausto M Duran Contreras and Owen McLachlan were fighting till the end and only .800 second separated them. It was a big achievement for Owen, at his first PRL race, to get a P5 after starting in P15. We had a lot of battle all accross de field, and as the results shown, less than a second separated Edu Vila (P8) & Carsten Quint (P9) and Eddie Hawks (P10) & Sammy Holmes (P11) at the start/finish line. Other notable results; Christian Pedersen got the P6 after he started from P14, and Kerlan Andrew got the P7 after he started from P18.

The next week bring us to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for a 32 laps race!
Click here for more information about our Pro Mazda Series.

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