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New Nascar Game Announced!

Category: General

New Nascar game announced to release on 9-13-16 on XB1, PS4 and PC!

Not a lot of info available yet, but as a Nascar fan I couldn't be more excited to have a game on the latest generation of consoles. 

Here is an article with some details on the new game.
We have open a poll on the forum to gauge the interest of a NASCAR league on console.


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APSC [S6] Round 13: AaronWebb85 Gets His First Win of the Season!

Category: Codemasters

With race favorite MysticJoker323 (Edwin Garcia) having internet issues and missing the race, things opened up for the rest of the field. nschwartz626 (Nick Schwartz) had a blisteringly fast lap in quali and sat on the pole. At the start, the front runners had a clean getaway with AaronWebb85 (Aaron Webb) jumping nickthequick (Nicholas Delp) for second. On lap 2 Aaron worked his way around NIck to the lead. Aaron took primes on his first stop and was able to hold off the charging Nicholas on options until Nicholas had to go in for another set of tires. Nicholas was able to get by Aaron on the next pit, but contact with dszman (Dylan Zimmerman) caused both of them to loose a lot of time. Aaron was able to come out after his 3rd stop on fresh option tires and quickly worked his way back to the front passing cars on much older tires. He used the advantage to build a large gap and was able to keep the lead and win by over 20 seconds.  Coopersonic (Dayton Cooper) took advantage of some of the other drivers mistakes and ran a solid race maintaining a gap to the cars behind finishing a career best 2nd place. Dayton has been gaining speed and confidence all year and it looks as though it's only a matter of time before he breaks through for his first race victory. Nick was running solidly in 3rd place until an unfortunate incident on the penultimate lap, where a car that had been disqualified and became a slow AI car, was right in front of him exiting a corner on the racing line. Nick hit him and lost his wing, and consequently fell to 5th place after having to limp around a full lap. Nicholas recovered well from a couple incidents to finish on the podium in 3rd, with Dylan finishing a solid 4th.

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iROS [S2] Round 8: John Labaff is the Season 2 Champion!

Category: iRacing

After a few weeks of dropping the ball the much anticipated Week 8 Race Recap is here.  This week we were running an evening race at Phoenix and if the first Phoenix race was any indication this race surely would be something special.  There were Championships on the line in this race with the absence of Seth DeMerchant and Matt Vanderwall it pretty much left the door wide open for John Labaff to take the trophy in Season 2 by simply taking the green flag and finishing with last place points.  He would have to battle the odds first to do it and eliminate any mathematical possibility of a come back.

We lined up 19 trucks at Phoenix for 90 laps.  Track conditions were hotter than all the practice sessions leading up to the race but that didn't stop Leigh Furlano from snagging the pole at 28.107.  It was an all USF1 Racing front row as Leigh's teammate Sammy Holmes was on the outside of the front row.  We had a total of 5 cautions for 16 laps.  Once we got going and managed to settle into the race knocking out all the silly cautions we ended up with a really nice race.  We had 4 cautions the first 26 laps of the race, then we ran 54 consecutive green flag laps which included 2 rounds of green flag pit stops.  A gamble by Dale Robertson payed off and got him from 3rd to 1st place on the track and took him all the way to Victory Lane for his first win of the season despite pressure from John LabaffSammy Holmes, and Paul D Johnson all who were in contention throughout the race.  Dale Robertson (38 Laps), Sammy Holmes (25 Laps), and Paul Johnson (18 Laps) led 81 of the 90 laps during the race. 

As the teams turn to the final race of the season at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the Drivers Championship was secured by John Labaff with ANOTHER consistent finish but things are still up for grabs for Second and Third places in the Driver Championship while the Team Championship is extremely close with the top 3 teams separated by 23 points.

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XB1 ApCS [S5] Round 4: 3rd season's win for Epileptictoast (Nic Wor…

Category: Project Cars

The Round 4 of the American Project Cars XB1 Series, ine the Group 5 Cars, was our first of two 60 minutes races of the season, and caught a couple of people off guard resulting in running out of fuel late in the race and loss of positions. But in the end the usual suspects found the way up front. Noto-Moto got another 1-2 finish, that is 2 for the season for anyone counting. Epileptictoast (Nic Worfold) finished first after an early pit stop due to damage, and pushed his tires longer than anyone else. Coming in second was Tha_Sup3rN0va (Alex Hinton), who fought till the end with his teammate. Finishing third, for Slideways Mid Atlantic, was EhBomb_604 (Aaron Mervyn), his 3rd podium of the season. Finishing fourth Undeadskydiver (Chad Rubemy), was one of the drivers taking advantage of another driver and teammate running short on fuel. McNasty0421 (Eric Cline) rounds out the top five.

Next week takes us to Nurburgring - GP for Round 5. A track very hard on tires. Will anyone be able to stop Noto-Moto's runaway in the team points, So far its looking like not!

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A-iRIC [S2] Round 9: Christian Pedersen is the Season 2 Champion!

Category: iRacing

The battle for the drivers championship was still undecided between Christian Pedersen and Jerome Berthiaume at the last round of the American iRacing Intermediate Series Season 2 in the Formula Renault 2.0! After long battles during all the season between both drivers, Christian stand up in front of Jerome at Circuit of the Americas to grab the title of the championship! Jerome managed to finish second, and Eric Jaeger finished 3rd during the race. The drivers championship was closed between a lot of drivers, but Carsten Quint and Sylvain Gelinas managed, with the last race, to move up in the championship.

On the team side, Team PRL (Jerome Berthiaume & Sylvain Gelinas) won the title just in front of 6th Man Inc. (Christian Pedersen) and Team Harley (Yvon Drolet & Claude Genest).

There had a lot of battle during the season and the drivers and the team championships have been super tight!

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APSC [S6] Round 12: MysticJoker323 (Edwin Garcia) takes his 7th str…

Category: Codemasters

The Italian GP was as fast paced as you would expect finishing in under 38 mins. nschwartz626 (Nick Schwartz) laid down a very fast lap of 1:19.747 to take pole. Very close behind was MysticJoker323 (Edwin Garcia) exactly 3 hundredths of a second back at 1:19.777. MysticJoker323 (Edwin Garcia) was able to get by on the first lap and managed the gap all race long to score his impressive 7th race victory in a row. Managing his tires well throughout the race was nickthequick (Nicholas Delp) to score a 2nd place finish only 6.799 seconds behind. nschwartz626 (Nick Schwartz) rounded out the podium finishers coming home 3rd.

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