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Premium Members Quarterly Draw Winner!

Category: General

Today we are announcing the winner of our quarterly prize draw! All Premium Members are eligible to this draw. 

Click here for more information about a Premium Membership

The winner is: Mark Miller (Mark_LD)

Mark is an active member of the American PS4 Community. He is racing in the American Project Cars & F1 2016 Championships!  In addition of being a reliable PRL Member, he is the official host for the PS4 ApCS. Congratulations!
The draw has been made with

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New Partnership with Hardcore Racing Team!

Category: General

Today, Preicsion Racing League is proud to announce a partnership with Hardcore Racing Team (HRT). The team has been created by 4 friends who are racing weekly on PRL. In the future Team HRT will be making helpful videos for the PRL community, like track guides and setup guides for racing games on the XBox ONE platform.

In addition, they will also make videos of their racing adventures at PRL and make funny videos on other games.

So don't forget to like and subscribe to Team HRT's Social Media!

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American Assetto Corsa "GT4" PC Championship Sign-Up!

Category: Assetto Corsa

Today we are proud to announce the signups for the Season 3 of the American Assetto Corsa PC Championship. The next season will be held in the GT4 Cars (Porsche Cayman GT4 clubsport, Maserati Gran Turismo GT4, Lotus 2-Eleven GT4 & Ginetta G55 GT4). We will do a 9 races championship and each races will be of 30 minutes. We will race every week on Monday. The pre-season race will be on January 9th followed by the first official race on January 15th.
There are only 24 seats available!
Race Day:  Monday
Practice:  8pm EST (60 minutes)
Qualifying:  9pm EST (15 minutes)
Race:  9:20pm EST (30 minutes’ race)

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iROS [S4] Round 11 Broadcast @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Category: iRacing

If you have missed the yesterday's broadcast by All Pro Broadcasting Network for the PRL American iRacing Oval Series @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway, here is the video link!


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