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The Oph5pr1n6 Organizer of the Quarter Award 2015 Q2:  SportsGeekDruid

Category: General

Brian VanDyke, aka SportsGeekDruid, formerly known as RandomOrange, has won the 2015 Q2 Organizer of the Quarter Award!

It was a quiet 3 months with a bit of a lull due to the F1 2015 delay, but that doesn't stop the Organizer of the Quarter Award Committee from locking themselves in a room for 4 days until they come up with a winner!  Brian it was.  Unanimous decision :).

Over the last quarter, Brian wrapped up Season 6 of the AXC with F1 2014, then helped kick off the XB1 Project CARS league.  Brian has been a PRL member for almost 3 years, and has organized the last 4 seasons of the AXC, having taken over from Oph5pr1n6, whom this award is named after.

Brian is always happy to ask questions to improve our leagues, and spent quite a bit of time helping to figure out ways to overcome the "New" Google Drive limitations.  Like our previous two winners, Brian just makes things easy for Jerome and I.

Thank you!

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iRacing Base Championship: Schedule!

Category: General

Today we are releasing the schedule for the American and European iRacing Base Championship!

Click here to sign up for this championship!

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iRBC Season 2 Car Announcement!

Category: General

PRL is proud to announce that Season 2 of iRBC will feature the Cadillac CTS-V! Like our first season, this will be a 9 race championship, including 6 road races and 3 ovals. Both types of race will be held in the Cadillac. As always, we are listening to our members and we will add a mandatory pitstop for every race. Be prepared; it's going to be an intense season! Sign up here!

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American Project CARS PC Series: Round 1 @ Donington

Category: DIRT3-AC

PRL now have five different Project CARS championships underway, and recently, the American PC drivers kicked theirs off with Round 1 at Donington.

25 drivers started the race in what I believe is PRL's biggest grid ever! (correct me if I'm wrong)

The race was won by BigSh0w, but here's long time PRL member, blutank24, with some highlights of the race from his perspective, along with some live commentary!

Below are the full results, and if you want to read more from this race, click here!

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