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iROS [S5] Round 2 - Exhausting race at Daytona!

Category: iRacing

Last Sunday was the Round 2 of the iRacing Oval Series Season 5 at Daytona International Speedway, and it was one of the most exhausting race of all time at PRL! Only 1 caution got out during this race and it was at 83 out of 90 laps. We have had 83 laps of pure and hard racing! More than 30 leads changes happened and a lot of drivers struggled with the pit entry due to the high speed of Daytona. Curtis Aho managed to cross the start finish line in first place even if he lead only 14 laps during the race. Crossing in 2nd is Dale Robertson who start in 11th place. It was a tight finish between Justin Michael Sammy Holmes who crossed the start/finish line side by side! Corey Blevins completed the top 5, his second in a row.

Click here to see the Results, Standing, Points & Records

You can watch the entire race broadcasted by DRE Broadcasting Network here.

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American NASCAR Heat Evolution Season 2 Sign-Up!

Category: NASCAR Heat Evolution

We are wrapping up this week the first season of our American NASCAR Heat Evolution Championship and we have started the Season 2 Sign-Up! The next season will have a total of 24 races including 1 pre-season race. The championship will start on February 17th with the pre-season race on February 10th.

There are only 24 seats available!

Race Day:  Friday
Qualifying: 9 pm EST (approx 15 min.)
Heat Races: 9:15 pm EST (approx 15 min.)
Last Chance Qualifier: 9:30 pm EST (approx 15 min.) (if necessary)
Main Race: 9:45 pm EST (approx 45-60 min.)


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