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Rewards Store:  All Prices Reduced!

Category: General

We have just revised all Championship Rewards Stores, and also taken the opportunity to reduce all prices!  Savings for you from this day forth! :)

You'll also see that we've merged the Rewards Store into the Sign-Up thread.  We just wanted to make sure you didn't miss them because what's better than having some part of the championship named after you!?!?!

You can do cool things like this!

…. and this!
Nice gestures like this!
Advertising like this!
…. and this!
That's not even counting the Rewards where you get to pick a circuit, or even the car for the entire season!  In all, we've got 16 different Rewards spanning all our championships!  Check your Sign-Up & Rewards Store threads for all the details!

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Race 07 World Championship News

Category: General

Season 3 of the Race 07 World Championship wrapped up this week, with Brian David winning the Drivers Championship thanks to 11 wins and 21 podiums in 24 races.  A late season surge by PJ Gaudie (moogleslam) & Jerome Berthiaume (jeromef1) allowed them to propel Triforce Racing Project to win the Team Championship.  You can see final season standings here.

We are already looking ahead to Season 4, and the car below will be our car for the season.  It's the Radical SR4, and quite frankly, it is one of the most fun things I have driven in any sim.  Ever.

Race 07 has incredibly low system requirements, and is only $3.99 on Steam.  When a game is $3.99, you don't even need to wait for it to go on sale! :)

Races take place on Monday night at 8pm EDT.

Join Season 4 here!

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F1 2015 Championships Postponed

Category: General

As you may have read in our F1 2015 schedule threads, we are unfortunately postponing our F1 2015 seasons until Codemasters resolve several significant multiplayer bugs.  These bugs are actively being worked on, and considering 4 PC patches to the game have been released to date, there is hope these bugs will be resolved in the near future.  PS4 & XB1 patches do take a little longer due to Codemasters having to go through a Sony or Microsoft approval process.

Here’s the current status of our F1 2015 championships, and what will still take place until we’re ready to start official races.

  • The European PS4 & XB1 Championships have already completed pre-season races, and the European PC championship will do so today, but no pre-season races will be scheduled for other championships.
  • Constructor & Teammate Selection will continue for all championships (except APCC – see below).  The American XB1 Championship will start this process on the 22nd, and the American PS4 Championship on the 23rd.  Other championships will begin this process once there is at least 8 sign-ups, unless it’s a new championship in which case drivers are selecting their constructor as they sign-up.
  • Trials for the American PC Championship have been postponed, so drivers cannot yet be assigned to divisions, and Constructor & Teammate Selection cannot begin.
  • All championships are encouraged to have “social” races, at their normal race time, until the game is fixed.  Yes, it may be buggy, but it will keep building momentum until we’re ready to start the season.  This is entirely optional of course.
  • Once the game is in a usable multiplayer state, schedules will be revised, reposted, and we will likely include a pre-season race for all championships, including the three that already completed a pre-season race.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but it was obviously out of our hands.  Starting championships before the game is ready would not be a positive PRL experience for anyone!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments. 

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RIP Jules Bianchi

Category: General

After a 9 month fight for his life, the world has lost a treasure.

A man with a contagious smile, a plethora of talent and a seemingly bright future has passed and leaves a mark on all who love motorsport.

Gone but never forgotten, Jules Bianchi. May you rest in peace.

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Category: General

This post is intended to give F1 2015 a fair shake.  As the post says there is Good, Bad, and Ugly… but for people on the fence and for constructive feedback I hope that this can help.

For disclosure I am playing on PC with a T300RS wheel w/ G27 Pedals (odd combo, but my G27 broke and I like the G27 pedals better)  Intel i7 2600 3.4 Ghz 8GB Ram Nvidia 750ti
Play time: ~50 hrs - Career Mode through Spain, Online & TT

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Win, win, win!

Category: General
Everybody loves prizes! So here is an opportunity to make sure there is a prize available for every PRL championship!

From today, all champions will have a chance to win one of these beautiful custom one of a kind Aluminium (Aluminum, if you're from over t'pond!) License Plates!

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