About PRL


Precision Racing League is one of the largest online racing communities in the world providing championships on PC/iRacing.  Our goal is to provide fun, fair, and competitive racing for everyone.  Inside and outside of racing our values are based on respect, forgiveness, communication, friendship, and patience.  We live by the donations of our amazing members and sponsors; built from the foundation of our values to provide new ideas, new championships, new web site content, new league services, and practice sessions for all championships.  Our team of managers and organizers work countless hours 7 days a week on a voluntary basis to make the championships our community members deserve.


Jerome Berthiaume (jerome@precisionracingleague.com)
League Director

Marco Oliveira (marco@precisionracingleague.com)
Technical Director

Dany Duchesne (dany@precisionracingleague.com)
iRacing Manager

Tyler Gore (tyler@precisionracingleague.com)
iRacing Manager

Aaron Webb (aaron@precisionracingleague.com)
F1 20xx & Project Cars Manager

Charles Sumner (charles@precisionracingleague.com)
NASCAR Heat Evolution, Project Cars Manager