PRL 12h of Sebring: First 2 hours report!

We had good and bad moment after the first 2 hours, but we still have 10h to do!

Team PRL C7 (Chevrolet Corvette C7 Daytona Prototype)
Jerome started the race and managed to get the team qualifying in P8. The PRL C7 team is in split 7 out of 18. After 36 laps, Jerome managed to get the car in P2! On lap 38, Jerome was behind a slower C7 car that lost control in front and he could avoid it. They had 3 minutes of repair. Dany is now behind the wheel. The PRL C7 team are now P12, 1 lap behind.


Team PRL GTE Blue (Porsche 911 RSR)
Charles started the race! They are in Split 16 out of 18. Unfortunately, because of a brake problem, he crashed the car and they had 20 minutes of repair. Charles is still behind the wheel and they are 44th, 10 laps down. They are not giving up!!


Team PRL GTE Red (Porsche 911 RSR)
Due to technical issue, Carsten and Michael haven’t got the chance to start the race. They have decided to park the car.


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