PRL Management Team Meetings Summary!

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Hello PRL Members, the management team got together last week to plan out our vision of what we would like to see for the PRL in 2019 and beyond as a racing organization. The meeting lasted several hours and at the end, we all agreed on some big changes moving forward. This message is to keep all PRL members in the loop of what to expect:


PRL growing from a “Racing Community” to a “Sim-Racing Community“

With the focus of wanting to be a sim-racing community, that means management’s overall focus and responsibilities are shifting to iRacing only. Those who have looked closely at the website has already started to see this change taking place with Assetto Corsa and Nascar Heat being removed from the website. F1 and Project Cars will only continue with the current leagues that they have with broadcasting, until the attendance drops and will no longer be supported at that time. Along with this, each night’s iRacing League will have their own League section on the forum page to make it easier to go a specific League’s race threads.


What’s the iRacing structure going to look like?

Really, the nights and league are going to keep looking like the current structure;

-Monday night will continue to be our Dirt Oval night as the organizers continue to find the right car/setup to continue to build up the core groups of drivers to help the league grow.

-Tuesday night will continue on as our main event, GTE series. The success, growth and competitiveness of this League is leading the way for the rest of the PRL League’s to grow in a similar manner. The only changes we might see would be changes penalty strengths, which official series schedule to follow, and other things of that nature that wouldn’t change the core structure of the League.

-Wednesday night is our first step in building the Oval side of PRL to match the popularity of our Road leagues. GSRC will start broadcasting our Fixed Setup Truck League starting this next season. The League will continue to follow the official C Oval schedule and we will see how the addition of GSRC will improve attendance, and look at other changes if needed in the future.

-Thursday has been a great success with this past season with the addition of driving the Radicals and GSRC broadcasting the League on iRacingTV. The drivers and organizers are having great dialog in what would best car class for the league in the future. As long as attendance and participation stays strong, the Management team is open to what the League would like to increase it’s success and competition.

-Sunday night will do another round of the Xfinity B Class Oval series, following the official schedule. The goal is to stay as a Fixed League for the time being, and see if we can boost attendance and participation with the goal of being broadcasted later in 2019.

-PRL Endurance will also be a big focus in 2019 to help build the recognition of our Leagues. We had 3 teams participating at Daytona, 2 teams at Bathurst, and would like to increase those numbers with more dedicated members as more events roll in throughout the year.

-The Friday night Street Stock League will be changing into….


PRL’s Monthly Friday Fun Night!

Think of some of your favorite Week 13 car/track combinations, or maybe a combo you and a bunch of buddies ran one time for laughs, and that’s what we are talking about. We’ll pick one Friday in a month, announce out the car and track combo, and just make it a fun night of laughs and probably torn up race cars (yes, we will have quick repairs lol) to take the edge off of the non-stop competition we have on a weekly basis. These will be Fixed Setup races (whether we use the default iRacing setup, or a custom one that would be more fun to drive will vary from race to race) so this way we all can just show up, hit a little practice, and then enjoy a 30-45 minute fun fest. In addition to the fun night come up you also see the occasional Friday session that will be held before endurance races. Expect to see this as a practice session which will include a race stint as well, so we can see how our setups act around other cars. Everyone in the PRL is invited to the these sessions, whether you race under the PRL banner or your own personal team.


Why are some Leagues charging an entry fee now?

This is strictly due to the cost of having our Leagues broadcasted. GSRC is a wonderful group that provides a very professional broadcasting service that puts PRL in a wonderful light. But with that service comes an appropriate cost. The management team, and some drivers themselves, strive to try to increase the amount of sponsorship that we have with the PRL. Our goal is to have enough sponsorship to where drivers would not have to pay an entry fee to cover the broadcasting cost. And we would love it even more if we can get to a point where we could provide an award for Championships as well, but that is going to come with time and the right sponsors in place.


Continuing changes in our Steward Penalty Structure and PRL Racing Rules

With the focus going to iRacing only, it is time to change specific wordings in both our Steward Process and our Racing Rules section. While most formal racing etiquettes might not change (lane rights, establishing proper overtake, ect.), the text in both sections will be changed so that everything is direct to iRacing. Look for announcements made on the website when these changes are complete.


New Forum Feedback Threads

Each new league forum being created from this point forward will have a new thread with a Google Forms that will feed into a new database being created by the management team. We want to have a convenient way for all PRL members to provide us with feedback on that they feel would be better for the PRL either for a specific league, or overall for the PRL. This will not replace the in league discussions that take place between organizers and drivers about league specific rules, those conversations are still encouraged to happen. The feedback given will be discussed during future manager meetings, and those meeting will be let known in advance to all so they can have a chance to submit their suggestions.


New Manager Position, Social Media Manager

First off, we would like to publicly announce and thank David Herbert (CajunGrit) for taking the role as our Social Media Manager. This new role is pivotal for the PRL to grow in recognition in the sim-racing world, so to say this would be a full-time role would be an understatement. We have our ideas of what media sites to post on and ideas of race posters and recaps of some type, but we encourage feedback from all PRL members on what  would be a good avenue to promote on to raise the popularity of the PRL.


We want to thank all of you for putting up with this giant wall of text. As the first post of it’s kind, it was expected that this would be a very long one. Moving forward, we will continue to update you all on major decision that are taking place as the managers make those decision. In the meantime, please feel free to use the new feedback tool or send PMs directly to the management team with any feedback, suggestions or concerns you may have. Thank you all for your time.