New PRL F1 2018 Championships Sign-up!

Are you ready to play F1 2018, the new Codemasters game!? We have started recently the signups for not less than 4 F1 2018 Championships! As usual, we will support PC & PS4! We will also have championships for North America, Europe and Pacific Region.

All our championships will be 50% race length and will have 21 races following the real F1 schedule. We will do 1 or 2 pre-season races to test the game and online stability in the first week of September. One or two weeks after, we will start our official seasons!

Here is the list of our championships:

American F1 2018 PC Championship [S14]
Wednesday @ 9pm EDT

American F1 2018 PS4 Championship [S11]
**Broadcasted** | Thursday @ 9pm EDT

European F1 2018 PS4 Championship [S17]
Saturday @ 7pm GMT

Pacific F1 2018 PS4 Championship [S11]
Wednesday @ 8:15pm AEST