Premium Members 2017 Q4 Draw Winners!

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Today we are announcing the winner of our fourth and last 2017 quarterly prize draw! All Premium Members are eligible to this draw. For the last draw of 2017 and because we are late doing it, we have decided to pick two names!

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The winner are: Fausto M Duran Contreras (Fausto Duran) Glenn Mulholland (Mu11man)

Fausto is an active member on multiple iRacing Championship at PRL. He joined the league on September 2016 and only a few weeks later, became a Premium Member! His contribution helped us a lot in iRacing championships development!

Glenn has joined PRL in May 2016. He’s an active member who has played F1 2016/2017, Project Cars 1-2 & Assetto Corsa. After a few months racing with us, he became an organiser for multiple championships. Glenn help us a lot in recruiting and organising championships!

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