American PS4 Nascar Heat 2 S3-R8 Texas Recap

This week, the Nascar crew hit the newly repaved Texas Motor Speedway for the 3rd time in the League’s history. Season 1 winner Charles Sumner (Hootius) is looking to repeat the feat when he snagged his first career win, here at Texas.


Qualifying on these 1.5 mile tracks is always about the draft, and the gap between the cars is always super tight. For the 3rd time this Season, Charles Sumner (Hootius) put down the hot lap and took the inside of Row 1 by 0.131 seconds over Sean Ryan (Sean420Cali)Michael Caterino (vWardude)Rob Besaw (Xsyse), and Nick Michaud (NickMichaud) rounded out the Top 5. For an example of just how close qualifying is, there was only 0.060 seconds separating 2nd through 5th place.


The 25 Lap first Stage was another exciting and almost a caution free one, as the yellow would fly at the very end of the segment, ending it 1 lap early. The fuel didn’t come in to play as much as it had in the past few races due to Texas eating up a good amount. Everyone stopped for fuel and tires, and with that we saw Charles make a rare pit road exit mistake that took him out of the bonus points completely for the Stage. After the pit cycle, teammates Nick and Michael stayed hooked up in the draft together to bring home the top bonus points for the Stage. SeanAdam Zemke (Zeke_H30)  and Rob snagged the rest of the bonus points. After the Stage we would have 2 quick cautions, followed by a long green flag run. During a cycle of green flag pit stops, the caution would come back out in amazing timing for Adam, who just crossed the line exiting pit road and gave him a huge amount of track position compared to where he was before the pit stop. Adam would take full advantage of that and lead the majority of the rest of the race, and held off a super close battle with Sean and Michael at the very end, capturing his 2nd win of the Season by a mere 0.088 seconds over Sean and 0.096 seconds over Michael. By far one of the closest finishes w have ever had involving the Top 3 drivers. Marvin Santival (MarvMilly147) and Rob would round out the Top 5. Michael would also snag a bonus point for running the Fastest Lap during the race for the first time this Season. Adam and Zack Jackson (Action12Jackson) share the Hard Charger Award for Texas, as both driver went +6 on the race.


**Top 10 Finishing order for Texas**
1. Adam Zemke (Zeke_H30) – 2nd Win of the Season; 3rd of his Career
2. Sean Ryan (Sean420Cali) – 7th Top 5 of the Season
3. Michael Caterino (vWardude) – 5th Top 5 of the Season; Tied Charles for the All-Time Record with 26
4. Marvin Santival (MarvMilly147)  – 1st Career Top 5 in the PRL!!
5. Rob Besaw (Xsyse) – 2nd Top 5 this Season
6. Zack Jackson (Action12Jackson) – 15th Career Top 10
7. Charles Sumner (Hootius)
8. Nick Michaud (NickMichaud)
9. Christopher Johnson (MeattyLoaf)
10. Jake MacLeod (SassaFrass_3)


In the Driver’s Championship, Sean Ryan (Sean420Cali) took advantage of Charles Sumner’s (Hootius) poor performance at Texas and opened the lead back up to 10 points with 2 races to go. Michael Caterino (vWardude) took possession of 3rd Place in the points after Kyle Spencer’s (KDawgHonda777) disconnect at Texas and opened up a 10 point lead as well. Adam Zemke’s (Zeke_H30) win jumps him up into 5th Place in the points.


In the Team Championship, One-Two Racing (Michael and Nick) took advantage of Car Ramrod (Charles and Christopher) not receiving any Stage points and opened up a 10 point lead now.  The Bumper Killers (Sean and Noah) are still within striking range in 3rd, 15 points back of One-Two Racing.


Adam now joins Charles as one of the Championship 4 with his Texas win. Sean leads the points of those not clinched, and at minimal can move on with a Podium finish no matter what the other drivers do. Micheal and Rob are currently tied for the final position, with Zack 7 points back. With their current points situations, Brian and Kyle would need to win their way in to the Championship 4 next week.


Next week we go to the desert and tackle Phoenix for the penultimate race of the Season with tons on the line in all 3 Championships. Please join us, and one of our handful of driver who stream their POVs of the race, on Wednesday nights at 9pm Eastern.