American ProjCars PS4 GT3 League S8/R8 Recap at Bannochbrae

While the drivers may have been excited to soak in the beautiful sights of Scotland farmland, doing at 150+mph over treacherous bumps and a road barely wide enough to hold 2 cars is not exactly how you would want to take in the scenery. But that is exactly what we got while racing the Bannochbrae circuit this week.
There was no drama for the Pole this week as Tyler McIntosh (MacAttack0922) scorched the field and put down an amazing lap on this challenging circuit. For Tyler, this marks his 6th Pole of the Season, which is a new league record!!! The Battle for 2nd thru 5th was a tight one as all 4 drivers were all within a second of each other. Past Champion Mathieu Blais (Mats35R) returned for this race and took the outside of Row 1, as title contenders Charles Sumner (Hootius) and Kyle Spencer (KDawgHonda777) took the 2nd row (for the 4th time this season), and with Vince Nadal (TSpottr723) rounding out the Top 5 in qualifying.
Right off the line as the Green light hit, Mathieu had a great jump and was able to take the lead away from Tyler by Turn 1. Unfortunately for Mathieu, the remainder of the 1st lap would prove to be a little to eventful for him as he would make contact with a couple barriers, which lead to Tyler making the overtake to get the lead back, and Mathieu’s car suffering damage that would eventually lead to his retirement of the race. From that point, Tyler never looked back and dominated the race. In a season in which Tyler has had less than stellar finishes by his own standards, Tyler flexed his muscle to prove that the Defending Series Champion is to never be taken lightly. As Tyler ran away with the race, eyes were also on Charles and Kyle to see how the championship points would play out. Kyle would prove to have the better race pace (as he would also have the fastest lap of the race, denying Tyler of a Hat Trick) and take over 2nd place in the first half of the race, as Charles was taking a conservative approach to the race. For Kyle, this was his 6th runner-up finish of the season, and was able to shave a few points off of Charles’ lead going into the Series Finale next week. Teammates Mark Miller (Mark_LD) and Vince rounded out the Top 5 respectfully. For the 5th time this Season, Dallas Johnson (Porq_Chopz) took the Hard Charger Award as he started dead last in the field, and move up into the Top 10 by time he took the checkered flag.
The top 10 finishing order was:
1st – Tyler McIntosh (MacAttack0922) – 1st win of the Season, 5th of his Career 
2nd – Kyle Spencer (KDawgHonda777) – 7th Podium of the Season
3rd – Charles Sumner (Hootius) – 6th podium of the Season 
4th – Mark Miller (Mark_LD) – 2nd Top 5 and best finish of the Season
5th – Vince Nadal (TSpottr723) – 7th Top 5 of the Season
6th – Max Lewin (RiteAidKid84) – 7th Top 10 of the Season  
7th – Mark Kaelin (Bubba18)  – 4th Top 10 of the Season
8th – Lance Lewin (RacerLance) – 3rd Top 10 of the Season 
9th –  Dallas Johnson (Porq_Chopz) – 7th Top 10 of the Season 
10th – Drayton Simpson (_Dray_) – 5th Top 10 of the Season 
In the Driver’s battle, Kyle Spencer (KDawgHonda777) lowered Charles Sumner’s (Hootius) lead down to 15 points heading into the Final Race. Charles can clinch the championship with a Top 10 finish, no matter how Kyle finishes. Vince Nadal (TSpottr723) now sees himself just 2 points back over the absent Patricio Campos (Pitricio) in the battle for 3rd. Vince and Patricio will pretty much be racing heads-up in the Season Finale for that points position. In rounding out the Top 5, Tyler McIntosh’s (MacAttack0922) win now gives himself a 15 point cushion over his nearest challenger, Dallas Johnson (Porq_Chopz).
In the Team battle, Cromo Ramrod’s (Patricio and Charles) lead shrank to 32 points due to Attack Racing’s (Tyler and Kyle S.) 1/2 sweep at Bannochbrae. Behind both drivers again having Top 5sVin Rin Racing (Mark M. and Vince) have clinched the 3rd position in the Team Standings for the Season, no matter what happens at the Finale.
Next week, the final league race for this wonderful game (before we upgrade to Project Cars 2!!!) takes place at the Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona, with special guest Anthony Jobes (GameofJobes on both Twitch and YouTube) broadcasting and interviewing the Top race finishers, and the Top Points finishers. Please join us for the festivities and farewell to this final season in the original Project Cars.